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Oct 20, 2017
Why cyber security should be top of mind, even when it's out of sight
Chris Hinton

BCBusiness + Shaw Cyberspace has no borders. It operates on a global scale and has opened the doors to unprecedented ways of doing business. Recent statistics show more than two-thirds of small businesses have a dedicated website, use apps to run their businesses, and do their own digital marketing. Whether it be online shopping, social media or...

Oct 20, 2017
Outsourcing HR Can Optimize Costs, Improve Performance

BCBusiness + Ayming Christy Grant, senior consultant, HR performance, for Ayming (the leading international business performance consulting group), was recently asked to discuss human resources issues—including outsourcing benefits—with BCBusiness Magazine. Here is the conversation. What impact do you think HR has on the rest of the organization? Properly managing your human capital directly affects...

Oct 18, 2017
B.C. North is rich in educational and lifestyle opportunities

It has often been predicted that Canada’s future prosperity lies in the North, and while all signs indicate this is true, many misconceptions have arisen about the nature of that prosperity—along with the role the education system in the region will play laying the foundation for it. The most common misconception...

Oct 18, 2017
PC Urban's Newest Industrial Strata Development Will Transform Mitchell Island into Business Hub

Vancouver developer, PC Urban, is launching a new, light industrial development on Mitchell Island that will transform a former heavy-industrial site into industrial strata properties for the city's small- and medium-sized businesses. With industrial supply continuing to sit at historic lows in Metro Vancouver, and with a minimal supply of commercial strata available...

Oct 16, 2017
Understanding the complexities of estate planning

The subject of death and subsequent dealings with wills and estates can seem intimidating and often confusing—but it doesn’t have to be. “The most important aspects of estate planning are awareness and preparedness,” says Sheryne Mecklai, Partner, Manning Elliott LLP. “Estate planning helps to eliminate both the uncertainties and the tough...

Oct 13, 2017
WiFi and your business: On-the-go connectivity to improve customer experience
Chris Hinton

BCBusiness + Shaw For small- and medium-sized businesses, offering customers and visitors complimentary WiFi access can be can be one of the factors that differentiates competitors. From dentists’ offices to department stores and everything in between, providing a reliable WiFi solution for customers and employees may prove to be more valuable than...

Oct 12, 2017
Business Transitioning Tips From Those Who've Done it Right

A business transition doesn’t just happen: It is a process that requires a deft touch if the owner wants to acquire the most value when it comes time to sell. On deck at the Business Transitions Forum in Vancouver Nov. 15...

Oct 2, 2017
Accessing new capital requires preparation and sound advice

BCBusiness + Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Entrepreneurs are often in search of new capital, and being prepared is the key element. Stewart Muglich is Associate Counsel at Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP and is the leader of the Corporate...

Sep 18, 2017
Business plan is crucial in the agri-food industry

BCBusiness + Manning Elliott LLP Forecasting and business plans are key elements for success, but more so in the agri-food industry as it faces new and shifting challenges, says Harjit K. Takhar, Partner, Manning Elliott LLP. Business owners need to be mindful...

Sep 15, 2017
Small Businesses Most At Risk In Cyberattacks

BCBusiness + Fully Managed Security breaches have increased 65 per cent since the first quarter of 2017 with a number of high-profile outbreaks infecting millions of computers around the world and causing billions of dollars in damage. WannaCry ransomware alone infected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries in May. While recent reports...

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