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May 5, 2010
Ecodensity Forever?
I Bowerbank

Does downtown Vancouver have a future beyond condos and coffee shops? The party’s over. The guests have all gone home, and after seven years of arranging the furniture and polishing the silverware, the hosts can finally sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. They liked us.

May 4, 2010
Too Poor To Live in Vancouver
Tony Wanless

Vancouver has become a city of the rich, which means there's no place for the people who actually work here. Two recent incidents point to a particular nasty aspect of the regional economy that has been gaining momentum for some time. I'm talking about the fact that many people are simply too poor to live here.  

Apr 7, 2010
Woodward's a Prime Innovation
David Allison

The team at Westbank chose a daring approach for Woodward's: make homes for rich and poor alike, surrounded by convenience and culture, in a downtrodden and dangerous part of town. And it worked out. Recently, I was asked by the folks...

Apr 2, 2010
Westbank Projects

The transformative aspect of real estate development is mostly a fiction reserved for florid marketing brochures and breathless sales pitches; “cutting edge” and “a new way of living” are almost always cookie-cutter replicas of the same old thing. Or so it was until Woodward’s opened its doors last September.

Mar 30, 2010
CREA at War with Competition Bureau
Tony Wanless

The object lesson from CREA's skirmishes with the Canadian Competition Bureau: You can pay lower commission and get lower real estate costs. But you'll pay for it in the end. Let's wade into one of the biggest fights to affect Canadians in some time.  I'm talking about the current war between Canada's real estate agents and the federal Competition Bureau over fees.

Mar 5, 2010
Vancouver Interior Design Candy

Photographer Barry Calhoun unlocks the design – and composition –behind his favourite interior images. This is a composite of three images. The soft light and natural feel are enticing, but it was challenging to shoot, because the space so sm This image...

Mar 3, 2010
The Nisga'a's Private Struggle
Andrew Findlay

Last October members of the Nisga’a Lisims government gathered at the village of New Aiyansh (population: 1,800) in the chambers of their civic headquarters, an impressive post-and-beam structure with large windows overlooking the Nass River Valley that would put most...

Mar 3, 2010
On the Rebound
Jeffrey Bichard

The heated B.C. real estate market is back with a vengeance, but not all neighbourhoods are created equal. We’ve got the five “hot pockets” to watch for – and invest in – in 2010.

Mar 2, 2010
The Million Home
Katie Lister

A Swank Two-Bedroom on the 32nd Floor (938 Nelson St.) For $999,000 you can get place to call your own in One Wall Centre, a first-class hotel. This building, built in 2001, offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two parking spots and...

Mar 2, 2010
The Half Million Home
Katie Lister

An Urban Pad for Nightlife Lovers (480 Robson St.) A 910 sq. ft. space in the apartment condos ‘R&R’ on Robson Street ($499,900) gets you two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a balcony and one parking stall. This downtown pad was built in...

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