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Real Estate

Mar 11, 2011
What Your B.C. Gulf Island Says About You
Lisa Manfield

You are what you eat – and where you live. And for vacationers and year-round residents alike, B.C.'s Gulf Islands offer a dazzling array of identities. This is your field guide to telling them apart. If great cities have personalities – London the Hardscrabble Urchin, Paris the Dewy-eyed Lover – it stands that islands too exude an essential character. By their mysterious magnetism, the places attract people who, for better or worse, belong to the same tribe.  ...

Mar 11, 2011
Telus's High-Tech Headquarters
Tony Wanless

Telus announces that it’s building a showcase high-tech headquarters on an old block in downtown Vancouver. That’s good news for the city’s digital industry. Telus's announcement yesterday that it’s building a million-square-foot, $750 million project in downtown Vancouver came as a pleasant surprise.

Mar 7, 2011
Rich Folk Poor Folk: Mixed-Income Housing
Christine McLaren

Vancouver’s experiment with mixed-income housing broke new ground. But to what extent is it a replicable model? When Bob Rennie set out to sell 536 glitzy condominiums in the Woodward’s complex next to 200 units of Downtown Eastside social housing, Vancouver’s real estate marketer extraordinaire took a self-described leap of “blind faith,” one that people told him would ruin his career.

Mar 7, 2011
Low Commission B.C. Real Estate Agents
Fabrice Taylor

As technology makes it easier to research, buy and sell a home, the commissions paid to real estate agents should be coming down. They’re not – though that might be about to change
. Bob Dymont doesn’t sound like a revolutionary. He’s too soft-spoken, too diplomatic, too avuncular. And yet, in real estate, he’s done nothing but overthrow the status quo for the past three decades.

Mar 7, 2011
A Matter of Trust: B.C. Gulf Islands Real Estate
David Jordan

B.C.'s Gulf Islands have seen almost four decades of bitter infighting pitting 
development against protection of “unique amenities” and “community 
character.” Is there a better way for Gulf Islanders to govern 
their land use and ensure long-term economic viability?

Mar 7, 2011
Vancouver Bedbugs: The Bloodsucking Menace
Kevin Chong

Vancouver bedbugs – considered by many a scourge 
from days gone by – are back with a 
vengeance, creating boom times for the city’s pest-control professionals. The Vancouver house where I meet Mark Amery looks like a war zone. The furniture in this homey, if rundown, two-storey Strathcona dwelling has been pushed from the walls and upturned, garbage bags full of clothes and books are heaped in the middle of each room, and the shelves and closets have been ransacked. 

Mar 3, 2011
How to Get Rid of Bedbugs in Vancouver
Kristen Hilderman

Do Vancouver bedbugs have you worried about a suspicious itching in the night? It might be something other than bedbug bites – but if it isn't, we're here to help. Read on for your best guide to detection, treatment and extermination of Vancouver bedbugs.

Jan 19, 2011
Seizing B.C.'s Grow-op Homes
Elizabeth Rains

Buying a former grow-op can lead to big savings for 
prospective homeowners as well as big profits for the 
B.C. government, which is tasked with reselling crime-
connected homes seized through the courts. But civil forfeiture is not as simple as it seems.

Jan 17, 2011
Canada's New Mortgage Rules
Tony Wanless

Canada's new mortgage rules display good fiscal management – but it's time the federal government stopped bragging about it. In the wake of increasing bad news on the housing front down South, the Canadian government has once again made “prudent” changes to the Canadian mortgage system. And judging by the self-serving language used in their announcement of the system, can an election be far behind? The new mortgage rules in Canada

Jan 12, 2011
China's City in the Sky
Tony Wanless

Rapidly urbanizing China is revolutionizing the way we think about cities and the urban landscape. And B.C. had better start listening. As an avid urbanist, I was fascinated by cities during a recent trip to China. The country is currently the world’s largest experiment in rapid urbanization. My wanderings took me the "mega cities" of Hong Kong/Shenzen and Shanghai, and an ancient “town” (only about 5 million people) called Suzhou. Each of them was a veritable forest of tall residential buildings.

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