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Real Estate

Feb 17, 2010
Park Place
Chris White

Feb 17, 2010
Marine Building

Feb 17, 2010
Harbour Centre
Ben Oliver

Feb 17, 2010
Cathedral Place
D Mdintern2

Feb 17, 2010
Bentall 5

Feb 17, 2010
World Trade Centre

Feb 3, 2010
Invermere's Rocky Road
Erin Millar

For many residents of Invermere, last year’s slowdown in the real estate market couldn’t come soon enough. Their town has become the A-list destination for Alberta vacationers, driving prices for housing, food and clothing to lofty heights. As things settle – for now – the question remains: how big can things get?

Dec 3, 2009
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Marlene MacIsaac

"We are allowed to be sick and are not given a hard time over it,” says one employee. “They treat us like adults." Number of employees:  80 Head office: Vancouver Quote: “When a unique opportunity to work during the Olympics came up for me, my manager and my leaders were completely accommodating and recognized this for the amazing opportunity it is, instead of blocking me from it”

Dec 2, 2009
Field of Dreams
Lindsey Norris

On the grounds of a former sanatorium near Kamloops, a group of B.C. and Alberta investors hope to build a new “urban-agricultural” community for 3,000 people. 
But if they build it, will buyers come? When you visit a ghost town, you don’t expect a lineup. But when I pull up to the gate of the former King Edward VII tuberculosis sanatorium in Tranquille, 20 minutes outside of downtown Kamloops, I am the third car in queue. It seems I’m not the...

Dec 2, 2009
Craig McCaw's Treasure Island
Andrew Findlay

Seattle billionaire Craig McCaw and his visions of a Gulf Island eco-topia. Not many people can afford to buy an island, but reclusive Seattle billionaire Craig McCaw is one who can, and he wants to turn James Island, 15 kilometres northwest of Victoria, into an eco-topia for the wealthy elite.

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