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Feb 3, 2010
B.C.'s VQA: Quality Control
Peter Mitham

B.C.’s VQA program is a much-lauded effort to create 
standards for B.C.’s wine industry. But does VQA spell 
trouble for retailers? This month, as B.C. entertains the thousands of international visitors who have come to watch and celebrate athletic achievement, many...

Dec 22, 2009
The Wear Else 2009 Fall Collection
BCBusiness D.B.

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button at bottom right. Coinciding with the release of the 2009 BCBusiness Style Issue, and our inaugural Online Style Guide, some 300 stylish businesswomen attended the fashion event of the season. The runway show displayed the spicy fall fashions of the Vancouver clothier Wear Else. Over cocktails and canapes at the Century Plaza, attendees listened to style advice from local image consultant Giovanni Amenta. 

Dec 16, 2009
Lululemon Gets Gold for Guts
David Allison

With its new clothing line, Vancouver brand giant Lululemon Athletica is getting in the face of the VANOC's fashion gestapo. Will the risk pay off? This week, Vancouver brand giant Lululemon Athletica got media-spanked by VANOC for creating and selling a...

Oct 8, 2009
Golden Opportunities
Peter Severinson

While many still fret over 
what the Games will ultimately cost, others are crunching the numbers to figure out how they’ll make a buck from the circus
. Joey Holt’s small, spotless gift shop is not designed for locals. There’s no street entrance to Fairmont Gifts; you’ll only spot it by wandering through the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The store is designed for visitors, it is packed full of Olympics merchandise and, Holt says, it is currently doing very well...

Jul 2, 2009
To Catch a Thief: Shoplifting in B.C.
Myles Murchison

Inside job or outside job. Five-dollar magazine or $5,000 suit. Merchandise is still flying off retail shelves – it’s just that now, in this tough new economy, fewer people are paying for it. Inside the $500-million (and growing) shoplifting problem. Retailers call it “shrinkage” and it doesn’t get much more dramatic than a Honda Prelude backing up at full speed through a plate glass storefront.

Jul 2, 2009
The Kids are Alright: B.C. Book Publishing
Cheri Hanson

When Portia Tickell told people she was opening a children’s bookstore on Vancouver’s Main Street, jaws began flapping. Didn’t she know B.C.’s retail landscape is littered with the ghosts of independent booksellers? Hadn’t she heard the death knell for the...

May 6, 2009
Fighting Spirit | B.C. liquor, Island Spirits Distillery
Chad Hershler

Local distilleries are winning fans all across Canada and around the world. But here at home, where Prohibition-era policies still rule, selling B.C.-brewed hooch is proving a tall order. The building that stands 30 metres from Pete Kimmerly’s house does indeed look more like a cathedral than a high-end gin and...

Apr 20, 2009
Retail Displays: Putting on a Front
Alison McLaughlin

Appreciation for the theatre outside his own window is echoed in the extravagant window and floor displays he creates for his retail clients. “The window is the first point of contact for a store, the calling card,” says Williams, who today is surrounded in his cramped workshop by hundreds of fluorescent...

Feb 13, 2009
The Bolts Come Off Canadian Tire
Tony Wanless

The digerati are all – ahem – atwitter about the fact that Canadian Tire, citing economic return, is shutting down its massive e-commerce website. The venerable retailer, which was hailed at one time as a big-company leader in adopting e-commerce, says the site will now be available only for customer research purposes. This, apparently, is what most customers do now – research a purchase online and then buy it in a store.

Dec 17, 2008
The Book on Co-opetition
Tony Wanless

Nice to see that Victoria's Abebooks has finalized a sale to , and at the same time validated a 21st Century business model that is only going to gain strength in future. Abebooks, which began in 1995 as Advance Book Exchange, grew into the world's largest online marketplace for...

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