Apr 4, 2011
Lunapads International Products Ltd.
Peter Severinson

It’s tempting to imagine what the world would be like if every company operated under the same principles as Lunapads, a triple-bottom-line innovator that is changing the lives of women around the world. The company has been producing a reusable...

Apr 4, 2011
Daiya Foods Inc.
Sarah Fullbrook

Congratulations to Daiya Foods, #16 in 2011's Most Innovative Companies in B.C. In 2005 Daiya Foods founder and longtime vegan Andre Kroecher set out to satisfy his craving for a delicious and gooey vegan pizza. Little did he know that two years later his creation would beget a vegan cheese revolution. 

Apr 4, 2011
Indochino Apparel Inc.
Sarah Fullbrook

(More: 2011 BCBusiness Guide to Innovation) Thanks to Victoria’s Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani, one of the last remaining items we could not confidently buy online is now available with the click of a mouse. Indochino Apparel has taken a seemingly...

Mar 7, 2011
The Groupon Craze Hits Vancouver
Remy Scalza

Groupon brings a 12,000-coupon avalanche of business to Richmond's TBC Indoor Kart Racing with its collective buying model. Near midnight on Aug. 26, long after most of his 25 employees had gone home for the day, Sean Campbell was glued to a computer screen in his Richmond office, corkscrew in hand, ready to celebrate.

Feb 7, 2011
Is Buffalo Meat the New Beef?
Jackie Wong

Like other former cattle ranchers, Bill Bouffioux is a bison convert. There’s a lot to love about the majestic creatures, whose brown eyes and dense beards suggest an erudite serenity commensurate with their heft. Mature bulls weigh about 900 kilos, and females peak at around 540. Fur density matches their...

Jan 24, 2011
9 Dumbest Fads Ever to Make Money
Ashley Turk

Fads. These markers of popular culture all seemed like good ideas at the time. Heck, some of us even fell prey to the tawdry charms of acid wash jeans. Over the decades, the world’s consumer crazes have ranged from the forgivable to the fanatical, along the way becoming icons of...

Jan 4, 2011
The Secret Lives of Mannequins

As you wander the malls and retail streets of B.C. this month – seeking that killer January sale or white sale or Boxing Day-cum-Boxing Month-cum-
we-need-to-clear-this-crap-out-and-hit-our-numbers sale – consider the lowly mannequin. She (it’s often a she) stands guard at shops across the...

Jan 4, 2011
Slideshow: The Secret Lives of Mannequins

They are idols of style, icons of consumption, easily aggrandized, and just as easily thrown away. This is a photographer's look at the consummate retail hero: the mannequin. 1) Along with the traditional retailers and specialty markets who purcha Modern retailers are striving to use mannequins creatively, in contrast to the ranks...

Dec 2, 2010
Fur Coats: How They're Made
Kristen Hilderman

From running through a meadow to draped over your shoulders – we look at the involved process of making fur coats. Despite the fashion industry's fluctuating interest in furs, the unwavering opposition of "antis" and the crippling effects of a recession, fur is back and sexy once again. According to Rokie Bernstein, CEO of Snowflake Trading Co., the industry is making its exultant comeback – to the joy of some and dismay of others.

Dec 1, 2010
The Skins Game: Canada's Fur Trade Revival
Jessica Barrett

Canada’s fur trade – arguably the country’s oldest industry – has suffered through recessions, protests and changing consumer tastes. But after two decades of decline, 
things are finally looking up. Thank the Chinese. In the world of high-end fashion – and certainly in the wake of a recession – the presence of brash signage heralding fire-sale prices at a posh boutique is generally interpreted as a very bad sign. 

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