Jan 1, 2008
Storefront Survival: B.C. Retail in the Era of the Big Box Store
By Alison Appelbe

Shopping in Vancouver is undergoing tectonic change. Can B.C neighbourhood retail survive in the era of the big box store? It’s a summer day in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove, and a merchants’ association event is in full swing. On Gallant Avenue, a lemonade stand does a brisk business while kids paint up a storm at an art-supply station. An entertainer performs tricks, sings songs and hands out balloons for the crowd. These street-front festivities are being financed by nearby LaLa Home...

Dec 2, 2006
Aritzia: A Leg Up
Katya Holloway

A leggy blonde emerges from a change room, gazing into the three-way mirror at her pin-up model reflection. Wearing nothing but a knitted sweater pulled down over her hips and a pair of tan cowboy boots, she hinges over at the waist, perking her bottom toward the ceiling as her long hair sweeps toward the floor.

Dec 1, 2006
Boomtown Sports Inc.: Cutting Edge
Ryan Stuart

After 11 years in the ski retail business, Dale Arsenault knew if he wanted to be on the cutting edge and sell any Boomtown Sports Inc. skis made at the company’s Kootenay plant, he had to be at demo days.

Apr 1, 2006
Welcome to Band Mart
Sarah Cox

The Campbell River First Nations Band has welcomed a lease deal on their land with the American, union-busting goliath Wal Mart, but not without opposition from the town's municipal council for fears of the economic impact on merchants from the mega store.

Jan 1, 2006
Luxury Automobile Shopping: Ticket to Ride
Gary Mason

Having jumped from the local daily to the national stage, this Saturn-driving scribe figures it’s time to get a serious set of wheels and learn how to shop for luxury automobiles. And sure, that ticket to ride might be a little steep, but hey, a guy’s gotta splurge now and then…

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