MolsonCoors Canada CEO Dave Perkins is proud to say that his brewery is the most efficient in Canada.

Every Vancouverite knows Molson’s landmark sign. Using efficient LED technology is just one of the brewer’s aggressive sustainability measures.

MolsonCoors Canada’s working relationship with BC Hydro long predates the current Power Smart initiatives, and energy manager Scott Gordon credits the organization for helping to make his Vancouver plant become Molson’s most energy efficient brewery in Canada and the second most efficient for water usage.
Such an achievement requires constant diligence, and over the years Molson senior management has taken advantage of a number of Power Smart Industrial Program initiatives including employee awareness; energy management assessment; refrigeration, compressed air and lighting studies as well as Sustainable Energy Management Planning and financial incentives for project implementation. As a result, Molson in Vancouver has reduced energy usage in everything from its pumps and chillers to the famous Molson sign near the Burrard Bridge, which was recently upgraded with light-emitting diode technology.
Gordon says one of the Power Smart program’s greatest assets “is its ability to keep us on track and our efforts focused. In fact, its energy management assessment is so effective in enabling us to see the bigger picture that we’re adapting it for our entire global company.” This dovetails with Molson’s global target to improve energy efficiency by 15 per cent by the end of 2012 and also reduce water usage by 15 per cent within the same timeline.
Molson has won numerous accolades over the years, including Power Smart Leader for 2009 and 2010, and as it continues to improve brewery performance with detailed monitoring of utility management, Gordon is confident even greater achievements lie ahead. “We still expect to perform building upgrades, adopt new technology and identify other areas of savings,” he says.