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Mar 25, 2010
A Cascadian Creative Corridor
Tony Wanless

If interactive industries in Vancouver and Seattle can link up, we may be able to emerge from the shadow of Silicon Valley. It's no secret that Vancouver has become a powerhouse in the world's games and interactive industry. The flow of companies like EA, Disney, Pixar and others to here indicates that.

Mar 8, 2010
Climate Change Isn't a Problem
Marc Stoiber

What if, asks TEDx fellow Marc Stoiber, green innovation was just about making money? Not so long ago, North America shifted into full-blown climate change panic. Although there were multiple causes, the event that seemed to galvanize everything was Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Fast forward a few years. As the recession takes our eye off the environment, a robust climate change denial movement has gathered steam.  

Mar 3, 2010
Vancouver's Mobile Revolution
brent holliday, vancouver

Vancouver is at the vanguard of the impending mobile revolution. Fifteen years ago, an unknown investment banking analyst in New York published a report on the Internet. At the time, most people were aware of a new Internet phenomenon, but big...

Mar 3, 2010
Slipstreaming Your Startup
Tony Wanless

How to ride in the wake of the tech giants. Despite their creative energy, startup companies usually have a tough time breaking into any market, let alone a brand new one. In response, some clever companies have adopted a strategy that involves riding in the slipstream of a much bigger company...

Mar 3, 2010
Master of Disaster
Brennan Clarke

From Victoria, software developer Edwin Braun engineers the collapse of California. Behind a sliding glass door in his tiny basement office at Vancouver Island Technology Park, Edwin Braun surveys the total annihilation of Los Angeles with all the twisted enthusiasm of a comic book villain destroying the world from a distant underground lair.

Feb 3, 2010
B.C. Tech Shines During Games
Brent Holliday

B.C technology companies have a chance to shine during the Games – and, after that, on the world stage. The Winter Olympics are upon us. After seven years of planning and preparation, these are exciting days. Billions of viewers will be glued to their TVs watching virtually unknown, mostly amateur athletes do sports that only get attention for 16 days every four years.

Jan 6, 2010
Garbage to Burn
Colleen Kimmet

Incinerating our solid 
waste to produce electricity would seem to be a 
win-win: solve the 
landfill crisis while 
producing energy at the same time. However, 
even proponents admit 
it’s not that simple. A pink, foamy kids’ chair, the kind of cheap prize won at a carnival ball-toss, stands out in the sea of plastic, cardboard and other unidentifiable refuse in the cavernous garbage pit at the Burnaby incinerator.

Jan 6, 2010
How to Finance Your Startup
Brent Holliday

Sometimes the best way to finance a startup is with your own money. Iam often asked for advice about the right way to fund a new technology venture. The answer is that there is no “right” way; just know that it will be the hardest thing you do as an entrepreneur. Given that in the current economy it’s harder than ever to raise money in Canada, when you start a business you have to ask, Do I need to raise any...

Jan 6, 2010
Glenayre, Wireless Survivor
Tony Wanless

In an emerging industry, the trick is sticking to your strengths. In the Wild West that’s the wireless industry, heroes come and go with stunning rapidity: the life of a company in this industry is often measured in months rather than years. But a Burnaby company has been growing steadily in the space for 25 years and shows no signs of joining so many other companies on the wireless scrap heap. In fact, it’s aggressively expanding by recognizing exactly what it...

Jan 6, 2010
Wrestling With 
D Mdintern2

Novus Entertainment, a Vancouver 
communications startup, takes 
on the big boys at Shaw. Doug Holman sounds cautious and apologetic on the phone. “It’s ironic,” he says with a wry chuckle. “I really do want to talk to you about this, but...

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