Whether you’re just setting out in business or in mid-career wondering where the spark went, an MBA is a surefire way to light a match under your career. But where to start?

Under intense competition to meet the demands of a fast-changing global marketplace, MBA providers have fine-tuned their offerings to the point where the choices are dizzying. Our second annual MBA guide makes choosing easier. An updated table offers a quick overview of the offerings on tap from B.C. universities and colleges. And this year’s feature stories take a closer look at the kinds of programs available and the types of students who are enrolling.

Article: Peter Mitham: Doing your MBA online

Article: Peter Mitham: An MBA is no fast track

Article: Peter Mitham: New MBA options

The big news this year is two new programs aimed specifically at newbies hoping to launch careers in business administration. Recent university graduates have traditionally faced the same conundrum as many job applicants: only the experienced need apply. Both SFU and UBC have developed new graduate business-degree programs that demand neither work experience nor undergraduate business degrees. This year we also take a closer look at delivery options, ranging from full-time classroom learning to studying at home at your own pace. And more importantly, we talk directly with local students who describe first-hand the different sacrifices and commitments demanded by each form of learning. We also look at the latest developments in program content. One current student, for example, reports that demand for MBA grads specializing in sustainability is so steep that she was hired following her first interview. Whether you’re actively seeking an MBA program or just idly dreaming about the possibilities, you’ll find this year’s BCBusiness MBA Guide an indispensable reference point.