BCBusiness 2012 Guide to MBAs in B.C.

An MBA used to be a ticket to the top – a veritable entrance fee for the aspiring CEO. But now, more than ever, MBA programs reflect the reality of a business world where versatility is paramount, evolution is essential and there are no guarantees.

Blaming MBA programs for all that’s wrong with Wall Street has been a popular sport lately, with critics claiming they teach antiquated business models, underplay risk management, ignore ethics and inflate managerial self-importance. Cynics are quick to claim that the curricula are outdated by the time the graduate steps off campus. For proof of the degree’s irrelevance they point to business heroes like Steve Jobs, who not only didn’t need an MBA, but didn’t even finish college.

This isn’t the first time MBA programs have come under fire and, in fact, if naysayers didn’t speak up during times of economic turmoil, nobody would be faster to ask why not than the academies themselves. If there’s one thing business schools consistently do well, it’s keep an eye on the big picture, which ultimately may be the best argument for getting an MBA.

Regardless of your reasons for considering an MBA, or at what point in your career you’re doing so, one thing is certain: the comprehensive understanding of business provided by B.C. schools is the standard.