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Tourism & Culture

Nov 4, 2008
Travelling to Bishop, California
Masa Takei

I’m splayed out, legs quivering, on a vertical granite face. Climbing shoes pasted on dimples of rock, fingertips slowly greasing off thin edges, I don’t so much fall as step off the dump-truck-sized boulder that I’m clinging to and scuff back over the sandy ground to my friends picnicking nearby.

Nov 4, 2008
Liquor Retailers: Off the Wagon
Peter Mitham

Walking into the Penticton Plaza liquor store – one of the so-called Signature stores that mark the forward-looking direction of B.C.’s government-run liquor stores – my visitor from New Brunswick is anxious for a beer. The temperature outside is approaching 35 degrees Celsius, and warnings that a cold beer might...

Nov 4, 2008
Historic Surrey
D Yip

As Surrey continues to make headlines as a sprawling suburban centre, on pace to overtake Vancouver as the most populated city in the province in the next fifteen years, let’s take a quick glance at the history of the fast-booming city. British Columbia was proclaimed a British colony on November...

Oct 20, 2008
Vancouver Prostitution: The Truth Isn't Sexy
Peter Severinson

An article I wrote on prostitution for BCBusiness was published this month, and just as it hit the stands a series of ads from the Salvation Army titled "The Truth Isn't Sexy" appear around town, even within the pages of...

Oct 9, 2008
Innovative Communities: Big Thinking in Small Places
Tony Wanless

There's a possible guide for B.C. communities devastated by changes in the resource economy in a New York Times article about the rebirth of Bellows Falls, Vermont, The “gritty river village” is, like many other towns, caught in a downward spiral of economic decline. But townspeople decided they wouldn't simply...

Oct 9, 2008
Naramata: A Lost Way of Life
BCBusiness Online

BCBusiness brings to you some images from north of Penticton, where there is a vine line between past and future. Just click on the image to start the slideshow. "On one level, Naramata’s disappearing fruit trees are a symptom of the community’s new-found prosperity, driven by the burgeoning wine industry...

Oct 9, 2008
BC Wineries: Sour Grapes
Brennan Clarke

The once sleepy town of Naramata used to be B.C.’s fruit basket. But as orchards are torn up and replaced with vineyards and multimillion-dollar homes, residents wonder whether a way of living is being lost – and their proud history erased.

Oct 1, 2008
Travelling to New Brunswick
John Lee

I’m wilting in the blistering sun on a bather-packed beach in late spring in northeastern New Brunswick, trying to remain cool for the cute, ray-worshipping bikini girl checking me out from her gold-coloured towel. The 28-degree temperature and my jeans-and-dress-shirt...

Sep 19, 2008
Hats On to the Poli's
Tony Wanless

For years, Canada has been sliding comfortably toward absolute economic mediocrity, seemingly incapable of doing more than clipping the coupons of our natural wealth. Some creativity is sorely needed if we are to stop this slide. And this system is topped by the same old politicians who dish out the same...

Sep 5, 2008
Top convention destinations in North America
by BCBusiness Online

USA McCormick Place (Chicago, Illinois) | Area: 2.13 million ft2 Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, Nevada) | Area: 2 million ft2 Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Florida) | Area: 2 million ft2 Georgia World Congress Center (Atlanta, Georgia) | Area: 1.4 million ft2 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (New Orleans, Louisiana) | 1.1 million...

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