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Tourism & Culture

Mar 1, 2008
Travelling to Busan, Korea
John Lee

Hypnotically sliding past miles of squat, grey factory complexes and the kind of drab tumbleweed villages that wouldn’t know excitement if it slapped them in the face, I’m speeding south along a rain-misted highway on a private Korean peninsula press...

Feb 26, 2008
Chain Gang: B.C. Mountain Biking
Andrew Findlay

I’m peering over my handlebars down the precipitous southwest flank of Idaho Peak at one of B.C.’s raw resources. Wind ripples the surface of Slocan Lake far below, and the granite ramparts of the Valhalla Range beyond form spiky silhouettes...

Feb 1, 2008
Travelling to La Paz, Bolivia
Andrew Findlay

I’m sitting in a café next to the Plaza Murillo waiting, somewhat voyeuristically, for a riot. A battalion of police, decked in fatigues, has taken up temporary residence here in the centre of La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city. The waitress...

Feb 1, 2008
Competition Is Fierce Between Vancouver Yoga Studios
Valerie McTavish

It’s day two of the grand opening weekend at Bikram Yoga White Rock. The evidence of renovations – a Shop-Vac, paint cans and scattered tools – are hidden behind a closet door downstairs. The stairs lead up to a cube...

Feb 1, 2008
Vancouver Illusions: Locked Out of The Gate
Tracy Tjaden

Hong Kong, China; As he steps up to the podium to address the eager lunchtime crowd, Gordon Campbell is clearly among friends. The B.C. premier cuts a striking yet businesslike figure in a dark suit and ice-blue tie. Studded with inside jokes and dropped names, Campbell’s speech is vintage B.C. boosterism.

Feb 1, 2008
Intrawest Navigates the Passage of Time
Tony Wanless

According to the late management guru Peter Drucker, the lifecycle of most companies has shortened considerably. In today’s fast-paced world, a 30-year-old company is getting on in age and probably suffers from serious hardening of the arteries that can lead...

Jan 1, 2008
Travelling to Riga, Latvia
Peter Mitham

It’s close to midnight when I emerge from the KLM flight that’s brought me from Amsterdam, fighting the horde of Ryanair arrivals that crowd passport control at Riga International Airport in Latvia. A seasoned official who looks like he should be running the joint scans my passport, asks me questions till I start stumbling over the answers, then waves me through. I’m clearly too honest to be a problem.

Jan 1, 2008
B.C. Ski Industry: Great Expansions
By Ryan Stuart

A new resort, expansions and proposed new ski hills: here’s what’s coming down the pipe in B.C.’s expanding ski industry. The new guy Revelstoke Mountain Resort The idea of expanding the one-lift Powder Springs Ski Area into a world-class resort was at least 20 years old when Toronto investors Hunter Milborne...

Jan 1, 2008
B.C. Ski Resorts Haven't Hung up Their Poles
By Ryan Stuart

What are they thinking at Ken Fowler Enterprises? In September 2006, the St. Catharines, Ontario-based private-equity firm bought Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd., including the small ski hill south of Invermere, from the Wilder family, and they aren’t planning on turning it into the next Whistler. While most ski-hill conglomerates...

Dec 1, 2007
The Sustainable Tower of Babble
Jon Ferry

When Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan delivered his first “state of the city address” earlier this year, he picked just the right politically correct lingo with which to do it. Inevitably, given the green tinge of the times, he employed the...

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