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Jan 1, 2008
B.C. Ski Industry: Great Expansions
By Ryan Stuart

A new resort, expansions and proposed new ski hills: here’s what’s coming down the pipe in B.C.’s expanding ski industry. The new guy Revelstoke Mountain Resort The idea of expanding the one-lift Powder Springs Ski Area into a world-class resort was at least 20 years old when Toronto investors Hunter Milborne...

Jan 1, 2008
B.C. Ski Resorts Haven't Hung up Their Poles
By Ryan Stuart

What are they thinking at Ken Fowler Enterprises? In September 2006, the St. Catharines, Ontario-based private-equity firm bought Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd., including the small ski hill south of Invermere, from the Wilder family, and they aren’t planning on turning it into the next Whistler. While most ski-hill conglomerates...

Dec 1, 2007
The Sustainable Tower of Babble
Jon Ferry

When Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan delivered his first “state of the city address” earlier this year, he picked just the right politically correct lingo with which to do it. Inevitably, given the green tinge of the times, he employed the...

Nov 1, 2007
State of the Arts
Jessica Werb

With their city regularly cited as one of the most livable metropolises on the planet and their province’s economy booming, Vancouverites have plenty to feel smug about. But, business people and members of the arts community warn that without a cohesive arts-and-culture infrastructure, all the convention centres in the world will mean nothing. This is the state of the arts.

Oct 9, 2007
Best in Show - Slideshow
BCBusiness D.B.

It takes three years for the Zantedeschia aethipica plants in the Surrey Van der Dussen Garden Centre to reach maturity. Three years before Abram and his wife, Thekli, can begin harvesting their unique giant calla lilies - funnel-shaped flowers prized for their sleek, minimal elegance - and start turning a...

Oct 7, 2007
Grub Slingers - Slideshow
BCBusiness D.B.

DEVON BRADLEYAge: 18Job title: part-time dishwasher at White Spot in Vancouver (Cardero Street); part-time line cook at the Westminster Club in New WestminsterSalary range: $8$12/hr.Duties: preparing foods at various stations including deep-fry, saut, ent OWEN KNOWLTON Age: 33Job title: wine director at West Restaurant in VancouverSalary range: $50,000$60,000 a yearDuties: tasting...

Oct 7, 2007
B.C.'s Labour Shortage: Grub Slingers
Valerie McTavish

These newbies to the workforce used to fuel the food-services industry as grub slingers. Today there are plenty of opportunities for work that doesn’t involve hot oil vats with fry buzzers sounding, causing a labour shortage in B.C. of food service workers.

Oct 7, 2007
Private Parking: Strathcona Provincial Park
Ryan Stuart

John Caton is a rainforest cowboy. Instead of the usual West Coast uniform of Gore-tex, fleece and Merrells, Cowboy Caton, as his friends call him, wears a white Stetson, white dress shirt, Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. The GM of...

Oct 1, 2007
Cross Border Drug Trade
Claudia Cornwall

“It drops, flatlines, drops, flatlines,” says Ankur Arora, vice-chair of the International Pharmacy Association of B.C. It’s a graph no business person likes to see: a gut-wrenching slide in revenues. From more than $400 million in 2005, B.C. pharmacies exporting...

Sep 19, 2007
Vancouver Convention Centre: Conventional Wisdom
Peter Mitham

Comments in a study of off-site venues produced by Tourism Vancouver this past February were clear. The city’s lack of off-site venues was described variously as falling short of world-class status, “lacking in quantity, quality and diversity for groups over...

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