Looking at the films of late Hollywood film producer William Vince.

The Internet Movie Database page for William Vince is similar to those of a lot of excellent, working film producers who yet didn't ascend to the rarefied ranks of cinema: a few of his films you recognize, most you don't; several of them are top-notch, a couple worse than forgettable. "I enjoyed his maverick ways, his passion for film and his love of life," said Pierce Brosnan in a brief obituary in Variety.

Two other films that received high critical praise were The Snow Walker (2003), which won an Independent Spirit Award, and Saved! (2004), which New Yorker critic David Denby reviewed warmly, saying, "[It] has an affectionate, easy way about it that is very pleasing." Below are some highlights of William Vince's critically acclaimed work.

The Snow Walker
Extra: CBC News reports Vince's death, of cancer, at the age of 44.