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Nov 12, 2019
5 Reasons Your Business Should Prepare for the Unexpected

BCBusiness + FutureBiz Penticton It’s 3 a.m. and you’re awoken by a phone call from the fire department alerting you to a fire at your business. You soon discover that the servers have melted, contact files are destroyed, passwords are lost and stock is ruined. Too often, operations are crippled and customers are...

Oct 23, 2019
Owning your idea

BCBusiness + Oyen Wiggs Great businesses are built on big ideas. Coming up with something new is only step one, however. As a partner and intellectual property lawyer at boutique IP firm Oyen Wiggs, Jennifer Marles understands the many pitfalls that...

Oct 22, 2019
The 1st Annual Business of Good Awards

BCBusiness is on a mission to recognize the companies in our province that turn the principles of social responsibility into action. For these organizations, a good relationship with employees, the community and the environment is embedded in their culture. The brand-new Business of Good program is a chance to show off the steps your company is taking to make British Columbia a better place to live, work and play. The winners, chosen by a panel of judges and our editorial team, will...

Oct 15, 2019
A Hub for Advanced Metallurgy

BCBusiness + Metal Tech Alley Metal Tech Alley is regional marketing strategy managed by the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation that focuses on a cluster of innovative business leaders who are leveraging the mountain lifestyle to create the perfect opportunity for adventure-seeking entrepreneurs in order to conduct big business from Trail, B.C. But not...

Oct 11, 2019
Make the Most Out of Selling Your Business

BCBusiness + Cube Business Media How can you increase the proceeds of an acquisition? What are your liquidity options? What do buyers of businesses look for? These are a few of many issues about business transition that are discussed at the Business Transitions Forums (BTF) by entrepreneurs who have experienced them first hand.

Sep 27, 2019
A Health Plan that Evolves with the Times

BCBusiness + Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Figures show that over 32,000 businesses participate in the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, and one reason for such a high number is because the plan is constantly evolving to provide more and more services—as evidenced by two new features: Teladoc Health...

Sep 18, 2019
Immerse Your Staff in Another World

BCBusiness + Cirque du Soleil It’s been a good year for your organization. How do you reward employees with something they won’t easily forget? How do you get them out of their out of their routines for a team-building experience without...

Sep 6, 2019
Go Figure: B.C. gets back to work
Melissa Edwards

4/10 working Canadians would choose B.C. if they had to relocate for a job In a 2018 Leger report on Canadian workers... 85% of British Columbians were satisfied with their job 77% felt motivated 64% were considering self-employment 35% planned to change jobs in the next two years 63% of British Columbians have experienced burnout at work57% Canadian average Total revenue from B.C.’s employment...

Sep 3, 2019
Connecting First Nations communities

BCBusiness + Rogers Today’s wireless technology means people are connected like never before. While there are still some gaps when it comes to coverage in some rural, remote and northern communities, Rogers Communications is working to change that through partnerships with B.C. First Nations. The Canadian company’s collaboration with various Indigenous groups is...

Jul 25, 2019
Insurance Coverage You Can Feel Good About

BCBusiness + Chambers of Commerce Insurance Plan Without question, the Chambers Plan is popular: this group insurance plan is endorsed by 900 chambers of commerce and boards of trade across Canada, and more than 30,000 businesses currently participate in it. But many...

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