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Aug 1, 2005
Dismantling Traditional Hierarchy: Who Needs a CEO?
Tracy Tjaden

John Montalbano’s first task as the new head of Canada’s largest privately owned money management firm was to ban the role of CEO. The move gives more airtime to the company’s line that it’s all about the clients, and the...

Jul 1, 2005
Untimely Twists of Fate: X Won't be in Today
Sue Dritmanis

Untimely deaths are the twists of fate upon which a company’s fortunes turn. The demise of a competitor’s key player could be seen as an advantage. But when death comes calling in your own boardroom, the repercussions are universally negative.

Jun 1, 2005
Worst Companies to Work for in B.C.
Ian MacNeill

Walking into the headquarters of 1-800-GOT-JUNK is like stumbling onto the set of The West Wing, NBC’s fly-on-the-wall fantasy about life, love and the pursuit of power in the Oval Office. Like President Josiah Bartlet’s White House, Brian Scudamore’s corporate...

Apr 2, 2005
Learning from Our Mistakes: D'oh!
Myles Murchison

Rome fell after its citizens outsourced education and science to their slaves. Nazi Germany could have developed a war-winning atomic bomb if it hadn’t kicked out James Franck, Max Born and other world-class physicists from its universities because they were...

Sep 1, 2004
Employee Motivation: Battery Boosters
Vicki O’Brien

Apparently it’s okay for corporate B.C. to have fun and partake in some employee motivation again. So if you want to perk up your next executive getaway or senior management retreat or add a twist to a customer appreciation event, it’s a bit easier these days. All you have to do is loosen the purse strings and think ‘different’.

Jul 1, 2004
Corporate Social Responsibility: Believe It
James Hoggan & Richard Littlemore

There is one immutable rule in business, says Xantrex chair Mossadiq Umedaly: “You must do what your customers tell you to do.” That being the case – and viewed in light of a major Mustel Group survey commissioned by BCBusiness...

Jul 1, 2004
How to Earn Your Wings and Tackle CSR
James Hoggan & Richard Littlemore

From a purely public relations standpoint, there are a few tips every company should consider when facing the CSR challenge: Be sincere If you are to build a reputation as a responsible corporation, you can’t do it with an ad...

Jul 1, 2004
Corporate Redemption
James Hoggan & Richard Littlemore

You could dismiss this gap as semantic confusion except for two things: Number one, the public expectation that companies must assume some social responsibility is growing. At a time when innumerable multinational corporations are vastly more powerful than many of...

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