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Nov 1, 2006
Zen and the Art of Corporate Conduct
Miguel Strother

When the Dalai Lama came to town this past September to support a fundraising campaign for the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, he took part in a series of dialogues – including one with leaders of B.C.’s business...

Nov 1, 2006
Business Planning: Sad Storyeum
Tony Wanless

The standard advice for entrepreneurs today is to draw up a business plan. In fact, it’s usually a requirement if you’re seeking financing of any kind. But many business owners fall prey to a common fallacy when composing these plans.

Oct 3, 2006
B.C.'s First Class Micro-Breweries
Andrew Findlay

Golden nectar cascades from the polished chrome tap, gurgling to the brim of a tall sleeve. The bartender sets it down on the hardwood countertop. I raise the sleeve to my lips, tilt and receive a mouthful in return. If...

Oct 3, 2006
Mergers and Acquisitions: Culture Clash
Tony Wanless

Today’s headlines are dominated by Mergers and Acquisitions But what’s actually happening on the inside when two corporate cultures try to live together as one? Unless the marriage is planned as carefully, the resulting shock can leave both sides estranged.

Sep 2, 2006
Business Ethics Roundtable: Doing The Right Thing
BCBusiness D.B.

The phrase “business ethics” is like the word “sustainability.” Everyone agrees with the concept, but no one knows quite what it means or how it applies to day-to-day operations. BCBusiness sat down with a roundtable of experts to discuss the issue.

Sep 2, 2006
How to Launch a Business... In Your Off-Hours
Jessica Werb

You’ve been harbouring fantasies of taking the leap and about to launch a business. Thing is, the idea of giving up the steady paycheque is making you hyperventilate. Relax. There’s no need to cut the office umbilical cord just yet. Here’s how you can get started in your off-hours.

Jul 1, 2006
How to Wind Up the Clock-Watchers
Jessica Werb

You know they’re there, counting down the seconds, ready to skip out the door as soon as the big hand strikes 12. Sure, they report for work and go through the motions, but they’re not exactly destroying the competition. How do you wind up the clock-watchers?

Jun 2, 2006
Business Planning: Chart a Back-up Course or Risk Going Under
Tony Wanless

Problem: Operating a business too close to the edge without a safety netSolution: Start planning early, consider every potential scenario and come up with a Plan B, C and D When launching any new venture, the first thing to do is to...

Mar 1, 2006
Asia Pacific Market Strategy: Scaling the Wall
Tracy Tjaden

Local corporate execs hear the warning constantly: ‘If you don’t have an Asia-Pacific market strategy, you better get one. Fast.’ But what’s lacking are the specifics for scaling the wall – on-the-ground tales from entrepreneurs who have cracked Asia, often after a few missteps, and have the revenues to prove it.

Mar 1, 2006
In the Company of Charisma
by Vicki O’Brien

Bill Clinton has it. So do Colin Powell and Oprah. In their heyday Princess Di and Pope John Paul II had it, as did John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill. ‘It’ is charisma: that tough-to-define but we-know-it-when-we-see-it personal magnetism, referred...

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