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Jul 16, 2007
Rapid Changes vs Murky Mental Models
Tony Wanless

One is a very rude Dutch word that translates as someone who has sex with ants. It describes a person with very limited vision. The other is the more elevated Law of Requisite Variety, taken from the study of Cybernetics.

Jul 1, 2007
How to Create Change from the Ground Up
Jessica Werb

Once upon a time, there was a workplace where everyone who sent a fax had to fill out a form detailing the time of transmission, the number dialed and the number of pages sent. Finally, someone pointed out that the fax machine automatically kept a log with all that information on it. Chances are, there’s something you wish you could change in your workplace too. Here’s how to make yourself heard.

Jul 1, 2007
What is Enough to Start a Business?
Tony Wanless

One way to form a business is to solve a perceived problem in the marketplace; business planners identify a need and move to fill it. The thinking is: I’ll solve this problem and therefore I’ll have a business. But where...

Jun 1, 2007
Small Business, Big Lessons
Peter Severinson

The blue chips grab headlines, but it’s the small and medium-sized businesses that make B.C.’s economy buzz. Compared to the rest of the country (per capita), B.C. has the fastest-growing small business sector and the second-largest number of small businesses.

May 1, 2007
Small Business Challenges: Move Fast or Get Mowed
Tony Wanless

These days we mostly hear about how to scale up so as to create growth or join it or ride it. But for a small business whose market isn’t really growing that much, diversifying and polishing your identity as a service provider with an intimate knowledge of the local market...

Apr 1, 2007
Business Life: When the Thrill is Gone
Tony Wanless

Deciding when to cash in your chips and walk away from the great poker game that is business used to be called retirement, but in the modern world where people can have five or more careers in a lifetime, it’s...

Mar 1, 2007
How to Stay in Business When Disaster Strikes
Jessica Werb

Back it up After B.C.’s December windstorms, local disaster-recovery consultants were swamped with calls from hysterical workers who had lost critical info after power and server outages. The lesson here: back up your files. If you’re a small company, you can simply burn important documents onto a CD or DVD. (Just...

Mar 1, 2007
You Gotta Believe: Confidence Pulls Tech Start-up Through Lean Times
Tony Wanless

Every young company dreams of securing financing for its “great” concept, an injection of money that will allow it to roll out its product or service on a large scale and convert it to a bigger – and better – business.

Feb 1, 2007
Slimming Managment: Power to the People
Tony Wanless

One of the problems in business today is that large organizations are saddled with endless layers of management. This almost ensures that it can take forever for a decision to be made. When you’re a company selling a product to businesses, this can make it very difficult to reach the decision makers easily and quickly.

Jan 1, 2007
Art-Entrepreneurship: Best Seat in the House
Adriana Barton

Vancouver’s underground arts economy is booming. Tired of stuffy concert halls and exorbitant ticket prices, cultural entrepreneurs are hosting high-calibre performances in their living rooms, for a nice little fee.

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