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Feb 1, 2008
B.C. Entrepreneurs Learn the Asian Persuasion
Tracy Tjaden

There are days when Randy Heward envies his buddies back in Vancouver, the ones who shared his enthusiasm for business but weren’t plagued by the burning desire to launch a firm in a foreign land. When North American toy makers began...

Feb 1, 2008
Outsourcing: A Helping Hand
Jessica Werb

But outsourcing is no longer the exclusive domain of big multimillion-dollar companies. Nowadays anyone with an Internet connection can offload the most mundane of tasks halfway around the world, thanks to companies such as Brickwork India ( and Tasks Everyday ( Dan Lok, a Vancouver-based Internet consultant, runs Quick Turn Marketing...

Jan 5, 2008
2008 B.C. Business Forcasts
Tony Wanless

-- Yeah, well Web 2.0 this! B.C. businesses will finally see through all the chatter, hype, and gibberish of the Web 2.0 evangelists and realize that it isn't a revolutionary business model, but is mostly just a collection of useful...

Jan 2, 2008
Round Table: Small Business, Big Concerns
BCBusiness Helesic

To be sure, there have been signs of improvement. The provincial government has reduced its share of corporate and personal income taxes, and it claims success in its goal of reducing red tape. But that’s little relief to typical small-business...

Jan 1, 2008
Small Business Resources in B.C.
BCBusiness D.B.

Small Business BCSmall Business BC, a public and private sector collaboration, is the comprehensive Business Development Resource for people exploring opportunities, launching new ventures and growing existing businesses. Small Business BC services include:- 24 hour automated services, seven days a...

Jan 1, 2008
Surviving the Boom
Scot Speiser

Thanks to a hot resource-based economy, many small and medium-sized businesses in B.C. are seeing record growth in revenue and income. With all of these current opportunities for businesses, the focus has changed for many business owners: instead of working on getting more business, they struggle to manage the increasing volume.

Jan 1, 2008
Succession Planning: Delay at Your Peril
By Laura Morrison

With the majority of B.C. employers qualifying as small businesses, it’s no wonder experts such as succession-planning lawyer Don Sihota and the executive director of UBC’s Business Families Centre, Judi Cunningham, are warning small businesses about the danger of delaying succession planning.

Jan 1, 2008
Sixties-Style Start-Up: Non Traditional Baby Boomer Retirement Plans
Tony Wanless

Canada’s 10 million baby boomers are unlike any other generation before them. By far the most unique feature of this cohort now entering its 60s is that its members don’t really want to retire in the traditional way. For many...

Jan 1, 2008
How to Look More Successful
Jessica Werb

Like it or not, we live in a shallow world. When it comes to business, it’s those who look like a million bucks who get the bucks. After all, if you’re going to hand over a six-figure cheque, you want...

Dec 7, 2007
Slideshow: 2007 Best Companies to Work For in B.C. Gala Pt. 1
BCBusiness D.B.

View a slideshow of the Best Companies to Work For in B.C Gala, held at the Fairmont Waterfront Centre on November 26, 2007. Here are the winners in the Best Companies with More than 100 Employees category. Click here to view the winners in the Top Companies with Fewer than...

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