Oct 21, 2016
Why investing in employee perks still matters
Timothy Taylor

There probably aren’t many business people out there who haven’t rolled their eyes at least once reading about tech industry employee perks. It seemed there for a while that no startup could dream of attracting talent without a mechanical bull or an indoor tree house. Maybe the clearest indication that there was a bubble forming was when nap pods were...

Oct 20, 2016
Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes announces young entrepreneurs to watch
Jenny Peng

There was no shortage of creativity nor big ideas among this year’s class of tech startups chosen by The Next Big Thing—an entrepreneur-led charity co-founded by Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, and serial entrepreneur Meredith Powell that connects entrepreneurs under 25 with training, resources and mentorship. The businesses that the Vancouver accelerator program have fostered include Soular Backpack, a one-for-one business...

Oct 17, 2016
Six-hour workdays could boost productivity in Canada
Jenny Peng

An interesting experiment has been underway in recent years in Sweden—among both private and public companies—to see how workers respond to six-hour workdays. The result so far: a boost to productivity (somewhat surprisingly) and also worker satisfaction (not so surprisingly). Still, as writer Augusta Dwyer reports, Canadian companies have been slow to embrace the so-called “Scandinavian model.” The underlying reason...

Oct 13, 2016
Learn how to be a more effective leader

BCBusiness + Informa The last decade has seen industries enter a period of increasingly rapid change. Globalization and the lightning speed of technology has redefined today’s business environment. Leaders who stay ahead of the swift pace of change and anticipate generational needs will likely be more successful. That is according to Dr. Peter Robinson, CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation and keynote speaker...

Oct 13, 2016
5 pitfalls to avoid in the lead-up to labour arbitration

BCBusiness + Roper Greyell LLP If your business operates in a unionized setting, ill-considered action at the onset of a dispute can have major consequences. That means it’s crucial to approach grievances in the labour context with care, patience and a view to the big picture. “Most arbitrations are won or lost long before you get to the arbitration hearing,” says...

Oct 10, 2016
How the 'glass cliff' undermines women in leadership
Marcie Good

Are women leaders set up to fail? Indeed, according to the ‘glass ceiling’ theory, first coined in 2005 by two professors at Exeter University in England. Michelle Ryan and Alexander Haslam were challenging a report suggesting that when companies appointed women to their boards, share prices often suffered. Instead, they found that women were more likely to be appointed in...

Sep 30, 2016
How to fire a client
Felicity Stone

It's not me, it’s you. Not paying invoices, demanding work beyond the scope of the project, and missing appointments are among the most egregious offences of problem clients. Here’s how you know when you need to move on, and here’s how to do it. (Fast Company) What makes your organization unique? Probably not much. While job seekers try to find an...

Sep 30, 2016
Entrepreneur of the Year 2016: Business-to-Consumer Products and Services
Marcie Good

This is actually happening in major cities across North America: hundreds of people rise at 5 a.m., dress up in gold-sequined suits, sheep costumes or workout clothes, show up at a designated church or touring boat, and party until 10 a.m. It’s a morning rave—and, according to Drew Magary in the August 2015 issue of GQ, it’s A Thing: “There...

Sep 30, 2016
Entrepreneur of the Year 2016: Healthcare Services
Dee Hon

When Cathy Thorpe joined Nurse Next Door as its president in 2014, she already knew the home-care provider from being a customer five years earlier. Her mother was recovering from surgery, and she was struck by the quality of care the company delivered to her family. Four months later, Thorpe began a friendship with co-founder John DeHart, whose daughter attended...

Sep 30, 2016
Entrepreneur of the Year 2016: Emerging Technology
Jessica Barrett

After nearly three decades with some of North America’s largest publicly traded lighting companies, Tim Berman found himself feeling limited. “You reach a point when you’re very high up that you become more of a politician than a doer.” That didn’t sit well with Berman, who realized something needed to be done to bring lighting into the modern era. While the...

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