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The February Agenda

Things to do and read this month to nourish the corporate mind and soul

Seattle Public Market

The January Agenda

Things to do and read this month to nourish the corporate mind and soul

Best Cities for Work in 2016

Best Cities for Work in 2016

Back by popular demand, we survey the province and rank 36 B.C. communities based on their job markets. Who’s up? Who’s down? And why?

How to manage your workforce in a period of rapid growth

For fast-growing companies, hiring quickly and smartly is critical. Craig Brennan, CEO of QuickMobile, Erica Groschler, partner at Incrementa Consulting, and Robert Murray, principal of Robert Murray Consulting Ltd., tell us how to manage a burgeoning workforce

Brands we love, but don't want to work for

For our workplace survey, we offered up a list of this year’s most loved brands and asked: Which of the following companies would you most like to work for?

B.C. employees are more engaged than their Canadian counterparts

Using data from surveys such as this, Ipsos also creates something called the Engagement Index (factoring in everything from compensation and benefits to “pride in work”) that gives a sense of our commitment to our jobs


The December Agenda

Things to do and read this month to nourish the corporate mind and soul

How British Columbians feel about their jobs

We might not love our jobs, our paycheques or our benefits—but for many of us, there’s nowhere we’d rather work than here in B.C. Behind the results from our exclusive workplace survey, done in partnership with Ipsos and the Human Resources Management Association

The Future of Work | BCBusiness

The Future of Work

In the information age, many traditional business functions have undergone transformative change—but none more so than the once-staid human resources department


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