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BCBusiness | Vancouver real estate
Real Estate

Foreign buyers of Vancouver property to pay extra tax

Plus, Chinese warn of a crash, housing sales drop, a vacancy tax won't work, and a property tycoon's under investigation

Office Space: Jewellery designer Leah Alexandra's Gastown gem

When jeweller Leah Alexandra went in search of studio space, she found a diamond in the rough tucked inside a historic Gastown building

David Garofalo, Goldcorp CEO

Goldcorp CEO David Garofalo rides the highs and lows

Revenues were way up, profits way down–and neither fazes new Goldcorp CEO David Garofalo

Dave Wilson | Choices

Why Choices Market wants customers to buy less

Dave Wilson and his Vancouver grocery chain lead the charge for net zero organic waste

Pete Schouten

How the Hardbite makers repurpose imperfect potatoes

From his chip factory to his biogas plant, Pete Schouten finds the best use for every potato

Interactive map: Is Alberni Street Rodeo Drive North?

More than two dozen high-end retailers have set up shop within blocks of each other in Vancouver—many within mere months

Big Fat Deal: $35 million for a Point Grey property fit for a first family

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province


"Global glut" of LNG is jeopardizing B.C.'s prospects: analyst

Plus, Pamela Anderson takes on fish farms, First Nations take on Trudeau, solar power is the future—or maybe not

BCBusiness | Vancouver property prices
Real Estate

How high can property prices go?

Plus, condo demand and supply, empty homes tax for Victoria, chasing property tax cheats, and transparency attracts global investors


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