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B.C. moves to plug a (meaningless) real estate tax loophole

Plus, an $800-million gas plant and what B.C.ers think of Kinder Morgan might surprise you

Politics & Policy
Mountain Equipment Co-op | BCBusiness

Check out MEC's planned new flagship store in Olympic Village

Plus, who's looking out for Vancouver truckers and what Chip says now about see-through pants

Politics & Policy
Harold Steves | BCBusiness

Farmland or more homes? The choice is Metro Vancouver's

The Agricultural Land Reserve is undergoing the biggest challenge to its mandate in 40 years, with 616 acres of fallow land in Delta becoming ground zero in the battle

Politics & Policy | Lower Mainland
Peter Fassbender, minister responsible for Translink | BCBusiness

Road tolls to pay for transit? Not without another referendum

Plus, smart ideas to protect brains and nobody likes a trophy hunter

Politics & Policy | Sustainability

Infographic: Where the parties stand on issues impacting B.C.

This month's election promises to be full of promises, if nothing else. A look at what the contenders are saying on four top issues affecting B.C.

Politics & Policy | Sustainability | Economy

Poll: How much will you spend on booze this holiday season?

In December, liquor sales double and, in some cases, triple compared to other months of the year. How about for you?

Consumer Insight | Food & Drink

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership means for B.C.

Plus, Eldorado gets good news in Greece and UBC's new life saver

Politics & Policy | Economy | Asia Pacific

UBC, VAG propose tall wood towers: a sign of buildings to come?

Plus, Telus to spend $1 billion on fibre-optic upgrades and the mayor of Delta grumbles about Alberta

Pipelines | Lower Mainland

Big Fat Deal: $8 million for a (ridiculous) house in the wilds

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Big Fat Deal | Consumer Insight


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