May 29, 2020
14 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Herschel masks, Christian tasks and much more

As we get ready to kick off a new month, many B.C. businesses are slowly starting to reopen. Amid this cautious optimism, we must keep supporting each other until we all find a way to navigate this new reality. Thank you to all those who have been working the front lines and keeping the community running by providing essential services. We’re also grateful to everyone who has submitted their stories over the past few weeks and to all of those...

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May 28, 2020
Popular North America ride-sharing company to make long-awaited debut in B.C. soon
Nathan Caddell

U.S. ride-sharing company Turo launched in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec four years ago. It later added Nova Scotia to the mix, but B.C. remained unconquered, despite the launch of a pilot program in 2017 and endless work with the provincial...

May 28, 2020
Kelowna-based modular design company makes build-and-price tool available to the public
Alyssa Hirose

Ian Garrity and James Rosowsky, co-founders of Kelowna-based Built Prefab, have worked in modular home building for more than a decade—but until recently, their ventures have only been available to a very small (and very rich) population. “Our projects were...

May 27, 2020
Opinion: What if the Earth stopped spinning?
Ben Baker

Titles won’t get us through this crisis; however, people with insight, creativity, the ability to develop trust and the courage to move forward will. People around us right now are starving for leadership. They’re unsure of where they are, let alone what the future holds. They need reassurance and guidance to help them stop grabbing their knees and rocking back and forth, so they can get up and walk toward the unknown with confidence...

May 25, 2020
Go Figure: We sketch a picture of B.C.’s private fine art world
Melissa Edwards

At 1.1%, B.C. has the highest concentration of artists per capita in Canada $24,304 – Median annual salary for a B.C. painter, sculptor or visual artist in 2016 337 – B.C. galleries, studios and cooperatives listed in the Galleries West database Metro Vancouver/Whistler corridor: 178 Victoria, Island and Sunshine Coast: 89 Interior: 59 North: 11 Share that are public:...

May 22, 2020
12 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Connecting seniors, free fish dinners and much more
Darian Kovacs

As we enter phase two of the pandemic in B.C., there are signs that something resembling our old way of life might start to return. Although there will be safeguards in place for the foreseeable future, knowing we’re on the path to fewer restrictions helps take the edge off. Despite these improvements, supporting small businesses, nonprofits and our communities remains the best way to move forward...

May 22, 2020
Opinion: COVID-19 has put Canadian farmers in the spotlight. How can we make the most of it?
Karn Manhas

One of the unexpected twists to come out of Canada’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is the heightened attention on an often-ignored sector of the economy: agriculture. As empty shelves at grocery stores prompt concerns about Canada’s food supply, farmers have become the subject of nightly news reports and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s nationally broadcast press conferences (not to mention tweets!). Meanwhile, independent growers are gearing up for a summer of record demand at farmers markets and selling out online while...

May 22, 2020
Shopify CEO says working remotely is the future—so what about that massive Vancouver office?
Nathan Caddell

Shopify is one of those lucky companies that appears to have been mostly unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ottawa-based e-commerce platform has employees all over the world (including several at a downtown Vancouver WeWork facility), many of whom work...

May 21, 2020
In a crisis, veteran B.C. tech investor Rich Osborn spies opportunity
William Johnson

Based purely on his mood, you wouldn’t know that Rich Osborn is a man who—like most British Columbians—has been forced to stay home for two months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re chatting over Zoom, and Osborn, the managing partner of Telus Ventures, is alert and energetic. You might even say he’s enjoying himself. For whatever reason, he seems excited...

May 21, 2020
Tips for staying sane in a pandemic from... CuePath Innovation’s Bruce Nunn
Alyssa Hirose

When he’s not kayaking, drinking wine or playing lead guitar in his classic rock cover band, Bruce Nunn shreds up the local technology industry stage. Nunn leads sales and marketing for CuePath Innovation, a Vancouver-based health-care tech company that delivers...

May 20, 2020
Pot Shots: Cannabis drinks haven't reached the sipping point in B.C. yet
Guy Saddy

This article was originally published in our April issue, and was written before the COVID-19 pandemic came to Canada. Happy with your chocolate CBD bar? Blissed out by your banana sundae with THC sauce? Well, that’s good news! Seriously, I mean...

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