2024 30 Under 30 Winners

Our 11th annual 30 Under 30 competition celebrates the young leaders making change in our province

There’s likely no one singular trait that applies to all of our 30 Under 30 winners. But you’d be hard pressed to not call each one of them impressive. All of them are innovating in their industries, finding new ways to create change, grow revenue and make their place in the world. This year’s winners range from real estate developers and account executives to fashion retailers and social workers. We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we enjoyed writing them. And to the winners, we can’t wait to see what you do next.

Liam Adams | Age: 28

Manager, cybersecurity, PwC; adjunct professor, UBC

liam adams, pwc, ubc

Prishita Agarwal and Abhiudai Mishra | Ages: 22 and 23

Co-founders, Mosa Technologies

Prishita Agarwal and Abhiudai Mishra

Daniel Azad | Age: 29

CEO, Premier Cloud Inc.

daniel azad, premier cloud

Eve Bennett | Age: 29

Founder and CEO, MeepMeep

eve bennett, meepmeep

Alex Chan and Gavin Cheung | Ages: 29

Co-founders, MotionGrey

Alex Chan and Gavin Cheung

Jeanne Chen | Age: 29

Founder, Ripple Marketing, and partner, The Global Xchange (TGX)

jeanne chen

Ryan Ching | Age: 24

Co-founder and co-CEO, Vision2Reality Foundation

ryan ching, vision2reality foundation

Jastej Choong and Prab Mangat | Ages: 24

Co-founders, Generateagentleads.com

Jastej Choong and Prab Mangat

Manvir Deol | Age: 29

Managing partner, Plan Your Space

manvir deol, plan your space

Olivia Evans | Age: 25

Investment advisor, Canaccord Genuity Cash Management Group

olivia evans, canaccord genuity

Sean Fox | Age: 29

Founder, Fox Group; co-founder and COO, Ovis Group

sean fox, fox group and OVIS group

LiLi Gao | Age: 27

Co-founder and COO, One Up Party

lili gao, one up party

Tevon Gill and Brydon March | Ages: 28 and 27

Co-founders and managing partners, MAG Security Systems and MAG Solar

Tevon Gill and Brydon March

Chloe Goodison | Age: 22

Founder and executive director, NaloxHome Society

chloe goodison, naloxhome society

Taylor Hui | Age: 29

Founder and executive director, BeaYOUtiful Foundation

Taylor Hui

Matthew Hussey | Age: 28

Founder and lead strategist, Generosity X

matthew hussey, generosity x

Carissa Konesky | Age: 28

E-learning coordinator, ShEvalesco

carissa konesky, shevalesco

Alex Lee | Age: 28

Co-founder and director, Blue Gentian Capital

Alex Lee

Brigitte Leong-Chung | Age: 28

Co-owner and operations director, Culturally Defined

brigitte leong-chung, culturally defined

Jacobo Lopez Chavez | Age: 26

Vice-president of finance and operations, Black  Tusk Research Group; co-founder, Arc Biosystems

jacobo lopez chavez, black tusk research group, arc biosystems

Gabrielle Mustapich | Age: 28

Co-founder, Pilothouse Brands

gabrielle mustapich, pilothouse brands

Sofiia Salimova | Age: 29

Founder and CEO, In Her Wallet

sofiia salimova, in her wallet

Esteban Sanchez | Age: 29

Co-founder and CTO, Commutifi

Esteban Sanchez

Lauren Sudeyko | Age: 29

Founder, Seray

lauren sudeyko, seray

Julie Wang | Age: 28

Founder, CEO and lead  strategist, Tiny Planet Digital

julie wang, tiny planet digital

Julian Wells | Age: 21

Co-founder and principal, Student Housing Initiative

julian wells, student housing initiative