Apr 14, 2021
How a Victoria whisky distiller pledges to fight a “ridiculous, frivolous” lawsuit
Nathan Caddell

There are a few elements to Graeme Macaloney being sued by the Scotch Whisky Association for, among other things, using his own name. The first is that Macaloney, who talks with a thick Scottish accent that shows zero sign of fading...

Feb 4, 2021
Q&A: Riaz Meghji says the pandemic has turned bosses into broadcasters
Nick Rockel

Maybe you can relate to Riaz Meghji’s story of his lonely childhood as a socially anxious introvert who seemed destined not to fit in. “I was a shy kid,” the veteran broadcaster and television host recalls of growing up in North Delta. “And when I looked around, I felt like I didn’t have my place, I didn’t have this sense of belonging.” In Grade 10, that all changed for Meghji when he watched his brother perform in an improvisational theatre...

Jan 8, 2021
Young Guns: Ex-pro mountain biker Andrew Mitchell started an eco-friendly courier service
Nathan Caddell

It only took one incident to abruptly conclude Andrew Mitchell’s prolific athletic career. The four-time national downhill mountain biking champion was competing in California when he got thrown from his bike at 70 kilometres an hour, headfirst into a wall.

Dec 16, 2020
In BC Chamber of Commerce address, John Horgan talks post-COVID recovery, Indigenous investment and food delivery apps
Nick Rockel

The lacrosse stick propped against the wall of John Horgan’s Victoria office spoke loudly: the premier casts himself as a man of the people, but he also knows how to play hardball. In his keynote speech at this year’s Premier and Cabinet Connect, hosted virtually by the BC Chamber of Commerce, Horgan justified the BC NDP’s recent early election gamble, which saw his party win a commanding majority. The premier also pitched an optimistic vision of economic recovery with Indigenous...

Dec 3, 2020
Why a Burnaby-based film production company launched in the midst of the pandemic
Nathan Caddell

If you were penning an origin story on Matt Shewchuk, you’d no doubt have a few places to start. But we think riding the bus to high school in rural Quebec while listening to a tape-recorded version of the Christian Slater–starring...

Nov 20, 2020
Young Guns: Corbin Lowe keeps busy between wealth management, vegan food and ventilators
Nathan Caddell

Talking to Corbin Lowe, it takes about a minute before you realize he’s not your average 29-year-old. That’s when he says, “I have this weird dissociation with money that I’ve learned–if you focus too much on the amount, you get paralyzed...

Nov 19, 2020
Weekend Warrior: Road riding turns property manager Erin Gibault's crank
Nathan Caddell

Right around the time he made the biggest career move of his life, Erin Gibault took up cycling. Sure, that could have had more to do with age than anything, as the then-35-year-old Richmond native found that running was getting...

Sep 25, 2020
BC Liberals lean on business leaders to fill candidate spots across the province
Nathan Caddell

This is a pivotal election for the BC Liberal Party. After coming in as the favourite and narrowly missing out on forming government last time around, the party comes into this contest as the presumptive underdog. The current government, led by...

Sep 16, 2020
5 questions with ace Vancouver recruiter Henry Goldbeck
Nathan Caddell

Henry Goldbeck grew up in a strict B.C. household, dreaming of the adventures he could go on once he was old enough to leave home. At 18, he sailed around the world as a merchant marine, later finding himself (literally and...

Aug 13, 2020
Weekend Warrior: Joey Shithead cleans up his act
Nathan Caddell

We’ll start with the obvious: calling Joe Keithley a Weekend Warrior might be a tad reductive. After all, the front man for iconic punk rock band D.O.A. has been playing about 70 (often sold-out) shows a year for the past...

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