30 Under 30: Jastej Choong and Prab Mangat help real estate marketers generate leads

Surrey-based Generategentleads.com has worked with over 2,000 clients since 2018

Jastej Choong and Prab Mangat | Ages: 24

Co-founders, Generateagentleads.com

Life Story: High school friends growing up in Surrey, Jastej Choong and Prab Mangat had dreams of being a physiotherapist and an emergency medicine physician, respectively. Then they stumbled upon real estate marketing.

“We scoured the internet and started getting into marketing as a service,” recalls Mangat. “We knew some real estate agents—started working with them and helping them with their marketing.”

The duo started Generateagentleads.com in 2018. That year, they brought in low five figures in revenue. By the next year, they were in the high six figures. By 2020, the company had worked with some 1,000 real estate agents and was raking in seven figures in annual revenue.

Eventually, they started licencing their platform. “A lot of our [realtor] clients would say, ‘I made a lot of money with you guys, I’d like to do what you’re doing,’” says Mangat. “At the time, we didn’t know if giving that away was a good idea, but we decided to go into the licencing model—sort of like franchising, but a bit different.”

Choong and Mangat trained their clients to become coaches for other realtors and, voila, a new arm of the business opened up. “A lot of it is e-learning—we sell courses and consult,” says Mangat.

Bottom Line: The Surrey-based company has worked with over 2,000 clients and is on track to hit eight figures in revenue this year. The company has 16 employees. “We want to start acquiring companies, particularly our clients’ companies,” says Mangat, “and teach them how to build a business using our framework. We’re looking at getting into that space, ideally.”