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Three regions, three powerful real estate professionals at the top of their game

Ashley Judd, Brittany Reimer and Taylor Musseau are leading exceptional teams in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and the Okanagan, bringing experience and partnerships to every stage of the development lifecycle.

Real estate in BC is and the rest of Canada is dynamic and ever-changing, with current trends reflecting rising construction costs and municipal fees and dynamic shifts in federal, provincial and municipal policy—all of which influence project complexity, feasibility and timelines.

“Escalating costs put additional pressure on affordability, which, when coupled with the recent high-interest rate environment for buyers, impacts transaction volume and intensifies competition within the industry,” says Ashley Judd, EVP Sales and Marketing for MLA in Metro Vancouver. “In these dynamic times, success hinges on strategic product positioning, timely market entry and tailored offerings.”

Powering Growth in Metro Vancouver

Ashley Judd, EVP Sales and Marketing for MLA in Metro Vancouver | Photo: MLA Canada

Judd’s superpower is leveraging these market conditions as opportunities. She and the Metro Vancouver team provide invaluable advisory services that include deep insights into the competitive landscape, target market nuances and emerging buyer preferences.

As an example, they recognize growing demand for sustainable and smart home features, community-centric developments, amenity rich buildings and flexible living spaces conducive to remote work arrangements.

“By delivering strategic product development, sales program recommendations and offering programs, we ensure our clients capitalize on market dynamics, and distinguish their projects amidst fierce competition.

Judd has collaborated with exceptional developers and played a pivotal role in shaping numerous communities. Envisioning the perfect future landmark project, she sees a meticulously master-planned community that integrates mixed uses across multiple phases to transform the surrounding area, emphasizing residential living, essential services, green spaces and local businesses.

She leads collaboratively and from the heart, emphasizing accountability, work ethic and empowering her team. “This approach helps me build cohesive teams that are committed to innovation, delivering results and creating exceptional experiences for our clients,” she says.

Judd splits her free time between staying active with her family in the city’s landmark places like Pacific Spirit Park, Spanish banks and the seawall, and their vacation property in Whistler.

“We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful city with the variety of natural surroundings, and we definitely take advantage of it,” she says.

Changing the Fraser Valley’s Future

Brittany Reimer, EVP Sales and Marketing and Managing Director for MLA in Fraser Valley | Photo: MLA Canada

Brittany Reimer is creating new communities for her kids’ futures—and beyond. As EVP Sales and Marketing and Managing Director Fraser Valley, she is inspired by the ability to change the future of the real estate market and the home buying journey for her clients.

“I can support our development partners by adding vision and creativity to programs throughout every stage of the development life cycle,” she says.

As a seasoned resident of the Fraser Valley, she brings in-depth regional understanding to the table and has her finger on the pulse of opportunities to bring great projects to life. She thrives on creating and designing homes for the future that adopt the best trends from other regions.

“I have so much pride and gratitude for being able to work with so many incredible clients who give back not only in the real estate industry but to the communities they build in,” Reimer says.

The Fraser Valley is expanding at lightning speed and home seekers—especially those who appreciate abundant space and diverse options—are noticing. In response, developers are embracing the prevailing trend in amenity-rich projects designed to foster community and unity.

“Many projects are incorporating outdoor BBQ or yoga space, roof top patios, fitness, co-working spaces and multi-function rooms,” Reimer says. “These are smaller homes with great storage and efficiency, so it’s the perfect combination of affordable home buying options, space and function.”

Pura by Adera | Photo: MLA Canada

One landmark project she participated in is Pura by Adera, which showcases Adera’s innovative SmartWood and is the first of its kind in the region.  The project includes 12,000 square feet of wellness focused amenities and sets the tone and stage for mass timber and future sustainability initiatives in the Fraser Valley.

Reimer leads with kindness and empathy, achieving a firm and fair approach that stresses the importance of team spirit at every opportunity. “As a retired Olympic athlete, mentoring my team is a top priority for me,” she says. “I strive to cultivate a culture of enjoyment because we have the best role in development—linking homeowners with incredible communities and home buyers.”

Reimer spends her free time as a busy mom of two between the local rink and the soccer pitch in Langley.

Inspiration in the Okanagan

Taylor Musseau, EVP Sales and Marketing and Managing Director for MLA Canada in Okanagan | Photo: MLA Canada

There is something about new construction Taylor Musseau, EVP Sales and Marketing and Managing Director Okanagan, can’t resist. “It’s a privilege to work alongside our development partners from land acquisition all the way to when the building is completed,” she says. “I have a unique opportunity to be involved in every detail and support our clients in making key decisions that ultimately shape the project as a whole.”

Musseau specializes in sales and marketing of pre-construction multi-family developments, and she leads by example. “Empowering my team leads to better company culture,” she says. “I endeavor to have low turn over and happy employees who are motivated to work on our projects, excited to be a part of them and enthusiastic about contributing their ideas and experiences.”

UBC’s second campus, under construction in downtown Kelowna, is both an economic driver and a great opportunity for developers to add additional high-density housing in the downtown core.

“Densification in general is a trend in our industry and our city,” Musseau says. “The government is getting creative in how to add and approve additional density and how to streamline the process for developers and builders. This provides greater opportunity to assemble under-utilized properties or go up in height on properties that were previously heavily restricted.”

Caban by Cressey | Photo: MLA Canada

One of her favourite projects was Caban by Cressey, a building that features unparalleled craftsmanship and design in an ideal beachfront location. “Floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the stunning views and amenities that play into the four-season lifestyle the Okanagan offers,” Musseau says. “It was an incredible success that sold out at record-breaking prices during the first weekend of launch.”

And as one would expect, Musseau’s favourite way to spend a day in the Okanagan: “Easy! A nice calm evening out on the boat enjoying a sunset surf and cocktail.”

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