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MakePossible mentorship creates a world where everyone can succeed in STEM

Mentorship program by SCWIST empowers women in STEM and narrows the gender gap

Every year, more women are jumping into STEM careers, contributing head-turning advancements and breakthroughs to traditionally male-dominated fields. Despite recognition for their accomplishments, women are still held back by the gender gap within science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

“Because of complex factors, including societal stereotypes, biases and systemic barriers, women have had limited participation in STEM fields, and this has contributed to a scarcity of role models and female representation at senior levels,” says Dr. Melanie Ratnam, president of SCWIST.

Mentoring shines as one of the most effective ways to boost recruitment, advancement and retention efforts, especially in STEM fields. A study by Catalyst found that women who are mentored—especially by senior-level mentors—are more likely to receive promotions, overcome obstacles and gain effective strategies for achieving success in projects and initiatives.

“By connecting with mentors, women gain entry to a broader circle of colleagues, peers and potential collaborators, thereby increasing their visibility and influence within STEM fields,” Ratnam says.

STEM also stands to benefit from greater diversity through mentoring. According to Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, mentoring programs boost ethnically diverse representation by 9% to 24% and improve promotion and retention rates for minorities and women by 15% to 38%, compared to non-mentored employees.

It is this efficacy that prompted the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) to develop MakePossible—an online mentoring community connecting women working in STEM so they can learn, share and grow together.

“In the MakePossible community, everyone can tap into a supportive network that understands their unique challenges and aspirations while finding mentors, enhancing their skills, sharing expertise, collaborating, exploring career paths and expanding their networking connections,” says Cheryl Kristiansen, senior project manager for the MakePossible mentorship community.

Open to post-secondary students, early-career professionals and seasoned experts looking for support, mentorship and resources to successfully navigate STEM careers, MakePossible is warm, inviting and inclusive. Members enjoy access to a wide range of resources and opportunities, including daily updates, networking programs, professional development opportunities, skill-sharing and specialized groups.

Mentorship opportunities flourish organically, through communication within the forum and at facilitated events. The Exchange Events encourage members to bring an idea, challenge or opportunity to explore with an experienced mentor. At Table Events, diverse STEM mentors share their career journey, insights and strategies for success.

“The MakePossible community has proven to be a trusted resource for women who reach out and express what they need, and others lend expertise,” Kristiansen says. “People can definitely get out of it what they put into it.”

Ready to discover what’s possible? Join MakePossible by SCWIST and become part of a vibrant ecosystem that values diversity, supports growth and paves the way for everyone in STEM to succeed.

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