30 Under 30: How Julie Wang is using Tiny Planet Digital to make big waves

Vancouver-based Tiny Planet is a marketing agency that also offers internships for students

Julie Wang, 28

Founder, CEO and lead  strategist, Tiny Planet Digital

Life Story: Julie Wang is a true zillennial—walking that fuzzy line between millennial and Gen Z, she grew up around social media but not immersed in it. That said, the potential of the digital marketing space piqued her interest when she was studying at UBC’s Sauder School of Business. “I fell in love with the possibilities,” she says. “Smaller businesses are able to compete, and people who are usually underrepresented in traditional media have the opportunity to build a platform and have a say.”

Wang was born in Taiwan and moved to Surrey when she was 12. “I am where I am today—a female, immigrant BIPOC founder—standing on the shoulders of trailblazers that have come before me,” she says. At Tiny Planet, her own digital marketing company, Wang aims to be that trailblazer for an (even) younger generation. Vancouver-based Tiny Planet offers internships for students, teaching them the hands-on skills that Wang feels are lacking in biz school. It’s beyond studying demographics and consumer behaviour: interns learn about managing websites, running digital ads and handling social media channels. For Wang, it’s a win-win—interns gain valuable experience, but also provide vital insight on trends, tech and even slang. Slay.

Bottom Line: Since its founding in 2019, Tiny Planet has grown to a team of eight and taken on 18 post-secondary students as interns. The company’s offerings include digital marketing consulting, social media strategy, email marketing, influencer outreach and more. To further break down barriers for small businesses, the company hosts a sustainable growth contest that offers a prize of $5,400 in marketing services to organizations that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.