Mark Rodgman, 29

Co-founder and managing director, TalentPartners JS Inc.


Mark RodgmanEvaan KherajLife Story: Mark Rodgman started his business career from his high-school locker in Maple Ridge, selling pop, chips and chocolate he and a friend bought in bulk from Costco. Rodgman, who has a bachelor of business administration from the University of Arkansas, went on to work in sales and marketing for companies like Vancouver-headquartered customer engagement specialist Mobify. But he kept his entrepreneurial engine running by founding product-discovery platform Dooers.net in 2014.

His latest enterprise, TalentPartners.js, recruits skilled software engineers and executives for high-growth technology firms. Launching Vancouver-based TalentPartners.js in late 2015 with Ian Douglas circles back to Rodgman’s locker-shop roots: the company follows an established business model and fills a clear market demand. “We just found areas in the market that people were ignoring,” he says.

The Bottom Line: In its first year, TalentPartners.js landed more than 10 high-profile clients, among them Cisco Systems Inc., plus startups funded by leading venture capital players such as Andreessen Horowitz. The firm earned just over $300,000 in profit.