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Business leaders and their workers must prepare for the machine learning and artificial intelligence revolution now, a new report warns

Over the coming decade, an Intelligence Revolution will drive exponential change in the world of work. That’s the message of a report from the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and Deloitte Canada. The three forces driving this change: machine learning—computers solving problems by trial and error—increased computing power, and machines exceeding humans at various tasks.

Up to half of today’s jobs are vulnerable to replacement by machine learning and artificial intelligence, some studies estimate. To avoid that fate, Canadian businesses and workers must take steps to future-proof themselves, the HRPA and Deloitte counsel. With that in mind, they’ve identified eight archetypes for the jobs of tomorrow.

Curator – designs and delivers customized experiences (example: customer service psychologist)
Protector – interacts with humans when human agency is critical (example: end-of-life therapist)
Influencer – challenges the status quo to achieve results (example: online community manager)
Innovator – connects ideas by thinking creatively (example: startup specialist)
Integrator – makes connections between systems and humans (example: company culture ambassador)
Scorekeeper – safeguards rules and standards for humans and robots (example: big data scientist)
Builder – brings something visual or virtual into existence (example: robotics programmer)
Performer  masters the art of entertainment (example: personal brand strategist)

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