Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 2929 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver

Price: $22,000,000.00

MLS: R2236952

The skinny: 10-bedroom,13-bathroom, 16,245-square-foot house on a 39,204-square-foot lot in West Vancouver.

The bling: Time’s up and you’re leaving Las Vegas; now you can’t wander around taking business meetings in your bathrobe, all the fun’s gone out of it. What you need is to start again somewhere new. Somewhere you can be the king of your own decadence, a castle fit for a playboy, a fun palace you can call home. Well, here it is: what once was a modest $6.5-million five-bedroom faux heritage mansion has been gutted and expanded into exactly the style of gaudy excess to which you’ve become accustomed. It’s a space your high-roller entourage will slip into with ease—they don’t call you the wolf of West Van for nothing. Oh, the hijinks you could have in a house like this, with its three bars, bowling lane, infinity pool, 20-foot-high wine wall and indoor aquarium. And all on a sleepy residential street, perfect for hiding your predilections in plain sight. Oh yeah, baby!

The hidden extras: All the usual luxury accessories, and then some: 10-person indoor fire pit, pizza oven, ludicrously glamorous bathrooms—oh, and an eight-car “show” garage, where you can watch a movie, play pool and knock back the 60-year-old Macallan while hanging out with your engines.

3 staircase
4 living room
5 hallway
6 family
7 family
8 pool table
9 kitchen
10 kitchen
11 dining
12 fish tank
12a fish tank
13 office
15 bar
wine wall
16 firepit
18 master bedroom
19 spa bath
20 white bedroom
21 pink bedroom
22 princess bedroom
23 unicorn room
24 bunk room
25 grey bedroom
26 garage lounge
27 garage bar
28 pool
29 pool edge
30 aerial