Point Grey

BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 1883 Trimble Street, Vancouver

Price: $9,280,000

Listing: R2580005

The skinny: Four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 4,302-square-foot house on 7,764 square feet in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood

The bling: Ever wanted to feel like you live on a boat without, you know, actually living on a boat? Well, grab your nautical-themed pashmina afghan and $2 million for the down payment and hop on board the Queen of Trimble. Renowned architect Richard Henriquez designed the 1981 home, and there’s no arguing that the Order of Canada recipient was ahead of his time. To us, though? It looks like an old-school BC Ferries vessel. This one doesn’t appear to contain a gift shop, a Triple O’s or an arcade, but it does have big circular windows and a deck that’s clearly trying its very hardest to give you an ocean view despite being several city blocks away from the water.

Henriquez also tried his damnedest to make sure this house’s residents feel like they’re outside at all times. The place doesn’t so much give you natural light on white as much as it drowns you with it. Unfortunately, even though it looks like a set piece from The Life Aquatic, we’re told it will not auto-morph into a submarine in the case of a tsunami. But it should keep you high enough to stay dry during such an event. 

The hidden extras: Uh, how about a full-on second house that’s about the size of most detached homes in the city? Yeah, not bad.

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