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Of 235 doctors surveyed, almost half don’t support legalization

You’d likely be hard pressed to find a Canadian doctor who doesn’t support patients using marijuana for medicinal purposes, whether it’s chronic pain or anxiety.

The same can’t be said for recreational use, though.

A new report by Vancouver-based market research firm MD Analytics has found that about one third of Canadian family physicians back legalizing recreational cannabis, while 47 percent do not. Meanwhile, 21 percent remain neutral, with the October 17 legalization date on the horizon.

Those results, which represent 235 general practitioners surveyed by MD Analytics, were reportedly consistent across all provinces.

Among the doctors in favour, 60 percent anticipated a decline in patient visits related to prescriptions for anxiety and severe stress.

On the flip side, 87 percent of GPs opposed to legalization expected to see more people experiencing psychotic symptoms, and 88 percent anticipated treating patients for dependency and misuse, thanks to higher consumption of recreational cannabis.