Mar 17, 2023
Nelson-based Smrt1 Technologies takes home $225,000 investment at 2023 OKGN Angel Summit Finale
Nathan Caddell

Last month, we told you about three very different companies competing to win the OKGN Angel Summit Finale. It almost sounded like the set up to a (very) belaboured joke: a smart vending machine startup, a metal monitoring platform, a...

Mar 16, 2023
Footwear brand SOLE steps up its sustainability game by collecting 130 million corks for insoles
Rushmila Rahman

It’s not often that you find someone who loves the company that they work for as much as Paul Maugan-Brown. As the content manager for Vancouver-founded insole and footwear brand SOLE, he not only helps create sustainable products but also uses...

Mar 14, 2023
Pacific Trader: How Ero Copper quietly doubled in value
Michael McCullough

The stock: Among the vaunted “critical minerals” required to effect the global energy transition away from fossil fuels, copper stands out. First, the world already produces and consumes a lot of it, enough that it’s known as “Dr. Copper” for...

Mar 12, 2023
Sanctuary AI deploys "the world's first human-like robot" at a Mark's store in Langley
Rushmila Rahman

Bringing up artificial intelligence is always a great way to divide the room. While some people love its transformative capabilities in terms of efficiency, decision making and opportunities for growth, others are spooked by its risks to jobs, privacy, security...

Mar 10, 2023
Big Fat Deal: $6.9 million to rock out on Bowen Island
Nathan Caddell

Address: 431 Josephine Drive, Bowen Island Price: $6.9 million Listing: R2735808 The skinny: Three-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,734 square foot house on 5.1 acres of land on Bowen Island The bling: Contrary to what you might think, the head of Bowen Island isn’t actually the mayor. That title belongs to...

Mar 9, 2023
UBC is spicing up its campus (and the local agri-food industry) with a new food processing plant
Rushmila Rahman

It seems like every time you turn around, there's another construction site popping up on UBC’s Vancouver campus. No doubt current (and former) students would agree that it’s hard to picture the university grounds without any cranes or bulldozers. But hey, it's all...

Mar 9, 2023
Vancouver-based Zenhub announces $10 million funding round, expansion of product line
Nathan Caddell

In spinoff terms, Zenhub is a lot more Frasier than Joey. The Vancouver-based company was spun out of local innovation studio Axiom Zen in 2014 to help developers with collaboration and project management in the internet hosting service GitHub. At first...

Mar 6, 2023
Business Tax Advisory with Baker Tilly
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Baker Tilly Let’s face it: tax time can be stressful. Business owners who want to maximize their corporate and individual tax returns and avoid unnecessary costs can benefit from engaging a tax advisory professional. John Demetri CPA, Incorporated Partner, Tax, with...

Mar 3, 2023
Burnaby-based Daiya promises "tastier, meltier and stretchier" plant-based cheese by the end of 2023
Alyssa Hirose

Prior to today, if you asked me the difference between traditional and dairy-free cheese, I’d say two things: 1) Dairy-free cheese doesn’t hurt cows and 2) Dairy-free cheese tastes worse. Like, a lot worse. Even the CEO of Burnaby-based Daiya, one of...

Mar 2, 2023
Economic Outlook 2023: Recession in session? These factors will determine how hard B.C. feels the pinch
Nathan Caddell

If you’ve been following recent economic activity, it shouldn’t be a shock to hear that British Columbians could be in for some tough times in the next year. With inflation roaring and interest rates breaking records, it’s natural to assume...

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