Jul 30, 2021
Farmers markets could be the perfect entrepreneurial lab for small business, say industry advocates
Pallavi Rao

When you think of farmers markets, you might not see them as key economic drivers of small businesses and an indispensable part of food supply in B.C. But that’s what they are. “I think COVID really blew the lid off [farmers...

Jul 29, 2021
Opinion: How B.C. can become the Silicon Valley for carbon capture and reliable clean energy
Craig Golinowski

Over the past few decades, B.C. has built a well-deserved reputation throughout North America and beyond as a clean energy/cleantech powerhouse and hub. Now it’s well positioned to add carbon capture and storage (CCS) to that broader mix of accomplishments. Notable...

Jul 28, 2021
Pacific Trader: Can renewable gas upstart Green Impact Partners put a dent in carbon emissions?
Michael McCullough

Vancouver-based Green Impact Partners (TSXV:GIP) has started construction of a renewable natural gas plant near a couple of big dairy farms in Colorado that’s expected to churn out 800 million Btus of the stuff per day when it’s finished a year or so from now.

Jul 27, 2021
5 Questions: Roger Patterson, CEO of social media scheduler Later, explains why the future belongs to small business
Nathan Caddell

1. Later came out of a 2013 hackathon. How did that translate into a business? The concept that Ray Walia, Jesse Heaslip, and I had when starting Launch Academy quickly gained momentum in 2012 when we added cofounders Alex Chuang and...

Jul 26, 2021
Nonprofit KORE is angling to make the Kootenays a hub for outdoor gear designers and makers
Andrew Findlay

Mechanical engineer and outdoor gear designer Cam Shute quit an industry job and went freelance two winters ago, just as the coronavirus pandemic was poised to send the global economy into hibernation. After spending 18 years with Vancouver-based ski and...

Jul 26, 2021
The Best of Two Worlds
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Linh Cafe Linh Café’s mouth-water menu is about to get easier than ever to experience as the Vancouver favourite opens a second location on Granville Street. But this is not a fusion restaurant. The menu features a delectable combination of traditional French and Vietnamese cooking, serving both cuisines in one place. Delight...

Jul 21, 2021
Pacific Trader: Has chemical manufacturer Methanex turned its ship around?
Michael McCullough

The stock: The fact that Methanex Corp. (TSX:MX, NASDAQ:MEOH) happens to be based in Vancouver goes back to its origins in a single plant in Kitimat using natural gas feedstock from Alberta to manufacture methanol for export to global markets—a...

Jul 19, 2021
Vancouver real estate analytics company launches its version of Zillow's Zestimate
Pallavi Rao

American real estate startup Zillow turned many heads on this side of the border when its Zestimate tool—which allows users to see the predicted value of homes—launched in Canada in 2018. Vancouver-based company Offerland is hoping for a similar result with its...

Jul 19, 2021
A look inside Ecologyst's new sustainable manufacturing facility in Victoria
Alyssa Hirose

As unique and diverse as we claim our home to be, there’s a few brands that really dominate the casual fashion world—especially in the summer. For activewear, it’s Lululemon. Birkenstocks have the sandal category dominated. And when the sun goes...

Jul 19, 2021
Q&A: Dave MacLeod talks about why scaling conversations is the new must-have leadership skill—and why alignment beats employee engagement
Nick Rockel

As you’d expect from the title of his recent book, Dave MacLeod can more than hold his own in a conversation. MacLeod is co-founder and CEO of Rossland-based ThoughtExchange, whose software lets leaders quickly and inclusively consult groups of all sizes...

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