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May 19, 2017
Raising fish in containers on land is eco-friendly. The next step is growing vegetables in the same water
Felicity Stone

Is salmon raised on land the future of seafood?” asked National Geographic in a story about Kuterra LP, a farm established in 2013 by the ’Namgis First Nation in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island to raise Atlantic salmon in tanks.

May 19, 2017
Kindred Systems wants to design artificial intelligence that learns like people do. No pressure
Nick Rockel

At the recent BCTech Summit, visitors couldn’t resist the Kindred Systems Inc. booth. No wonder: the company had a corral of furry robotic cats on display. On hand to supervise these strangely fetching felines were co-founder and CEO Geordie Rose...

May 19, 2017
Meet 10 of B.C.’s most innovative companies

Anyone curious about where British Columbia’s economy is headed could have found some answers at the recent BCTech Summit in Vancouver. In its second year, the sold-out gathering featured more than 260 B.C. companies and other organizations, including some of...

May 18, 2017
This private island is a playground for the rich–and Hawaii's best-kept secret
Amanda Ross

There’s perhaps no bigger status buy than the private island. Thanks to Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation, we now all know about the Aga Khan’s Bahamian getaway, and Richard Branson has long used his Necker Island as an advertisement for the...

May 18, 2017
Coquitlam is Open for Business

BCBusiness + The City of Coquitlam Ranked fifth in BC Business’ annual list of the “Best Cities for Work in BC,” and one of seven communities honoured with the BC Small Business Roundtable’s “2013 Open for Business Award,” it’s no wonder Coquitlam...

May 18, 2017
Go Mobile: increase productivity on-the-road
Chris Hinton

BCBusiness + Shaw Business Canadian consumers are more connected than ever. In between accepting meeting invitations and sending emails, they are also browsing products, buying services, ordering meals, and shopping online. As a result of this increased online presence, many small and medium-sized business owners are finding that they need to...

May 18, 2017
Mixed reality trailblazer Finger Food Studios offers a glimpse of manufacturing’s future
Nick Rockel

Apart from the gleaming tractor unit in the middle of the room, the Holodeck looks like a big empty warehouse. Have I come to the right place? I slip on a pair of Microsoft HoloLens glasses, tightening the band against...

May 17, 2017
First Nations activists take the lead in the battle against Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion
Jacob Parry

From Larry Commodore’s vantage point near Chilliwack at the top of the Fraser Valley, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project isn’t a done deal. “Not going to happen,” vows the former two-term chief of the Soowahlie nation turned grassroots activist. Commodore...

May 16, 2017
The Business of Craft Brewing

BCBusiness + Manning Elliott LLP It started as a hobby: fermenting brews in the garage or the basement and sharing the results with friends. But that hobby grew into a passion, and then a business. So goes the story for many of...

May 9, 2017
6 B.C. companies that are shaping the future of energy
Andrew Findlay

New oil and gas pipelines are winning approval in B.C. and across the country, but the world is also shifting in new directions. Global investment in green energy hit a record of almost US$286 billion last year, according to the...

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