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Jun 6, 2019
Carry On: Out with the greenwash
Charlene Rooke

GREENER AIR Carbon offsets for air travel keep your conscience and your carbon footprint cleaner. Air Canada partners with Toronto-based Less Emissions, making it easy to tack the cost on to your flight purchase: $30-$40, for instance, for Vancouver-Toronto return. Organizations...

Jun 4, 2019
The highest- and lowest-priced homes sold in B.C.: May 26 to June 1
By the Editors

Both the most- and least-expensive homes sold in B.C. last week were in the Lower Mainland: a single family home in North Vancouver and a condo in Surrey. Realtors have to unpublish online listings once they're sold, but details—address, price, days...

Jun 4, 2019
5 most popular Canadian biz books from the week of May 27 to June 2
Munro’s Books

Bestselling business titles provided by Munro’s Books, 1108 Government Street, Victoria, B.C.

Jun 4, 2019
Viking Air's newly acquired Dash-8 is ready for takeoff
Matt O'Grady

When Dave Curtis calls in early February, it’s the seventh time our interview has been rescheduled over the course of three months. The CEO of Viking Air has been a very busy man—and, if truth be told, a bit worried about talking to the media in the wake of his...

Jun 4, 2019
The Future of Work: Job-hunting in the gig economy
Ryan Stuart

The rise of freelancing and contract labour changes not only how we work but how we find work, notes Ron McGowan. “We’re a society that knows how to apply for a job,” says the Vancouver-based employment expert and author. “The...

May 31, 2019
BCB Report Card: Jurassic Park(ed) and the shortest strike ever
Nathan Caddell

As much as we try to keep this feature B.C.-focused, there was something outside the province this week that we just couldn’t ignore. You’ll just have to read on. And on and on, because you better believe it’s coming at the...

May 31, 2019
It's a Good Thing: Karn Manhas wants to make farming more green
Matt O'Grady

Back in the spring of 2009, Karn Manhas was doing what law students do best: argue. His latest venture, a tech consulting firm named Karyon Group, had recently folded in the wake of the 2008-09 economic crisis, and the Port...

May 31, 2019
The Future of Work: Commuting without cars
Ryan Stuart

What if Elon Musk, Uber and Boeing are wrong? All three predict that the future of commuting revolves around a personal vehicle: Musk dreams of underground tubes bypassing gridlock, autonomous cars are Uber’s focus, and Boeing sees air taxis flying over street traffic. “Those ideas assume we just want more of...

May 30, 2019
10 Things You Didn't Know About... Livingspace founder and president Ross Bonetti
Felicity Stone

When furniture’s your thing but you just can’t squeeze any more in, there are basically two options: move to a bigger place or enlarge your existing one. Ross Bonetti did the latter. Established in 1988, home furnishings retailer Livingspace occupies a 1930s-era...

May 30, 2019
Opinion: Leaning into cannabis retail with lessons from liquor
Mike McKee

After 38 years in liquor retail in B.C., we’re breaking into the cannabis industry. And it’s all possible because of the lessons we’ve learned from liquor. At first we thought marijuana might be a substitute for alcohol, but now we see the two products in a more complementary light, even though they...

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