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HR is a key component to the growth and prosperity of a business

Consultants can create cost-effective solutions for the health of the entire company

Christy Grant, senior consultant, HR performance, for Ayming (the leading international business performance consulting group), was recently asked to discuss human resources issues—including outsourcing benefits—with BCBusiness Magazine. Here is the conversation.

What impact do you think HR has on the rest of the organization?

Properly managing your human capital directly affects your company’s performance and revenue generation. It’s common practice in the HR domain to advise companies to treat their employees as well as—or even better than—they treat their customers. HR helps you stay in tune with your human capital requirements, which allows the business to prosper and grow. 

What are some of the biggest HR challenges facing companies today?

Attracting and retaining top talent seems to be a challenge across the board, and in B.C. we are seeing IT companies having a particularly difficult time in this area. Smaller organizations tend to not have the capital to invest in a full-time HR person, and therefore they often catch themselves unprepared and lacking expertise when human capital issues arise. When there’s no HR person or department to consult, business decisions can be made without the impact on human capital in mind, which can be costly in the long run. 

What should entrepreneurs be thinking about in regard to HR as they grow?

For a new or growing organization, hiring employees, building policies, and creating a culture that supports its organizational mission and goals can be challenging. It’s easy to focus on business goals initially and think about people second. Having a full-time HR person is a capital expenditure that small businesses have trouble undertaking at first, but it’s so important to factor HR into your overall business growth plan.

 What are some of the factors companies should consider when looking to outsource HR mandates?

If their budget is tight, prioritizing their HR needs to target the ones that will have the most impact is critical. Having a cultural fit between the organization and the consultant is also very important, as are experience, and breadth and depth of knowledge. The consultant should have the ability to understand pain points and to come up with cost-effective solutions that target those pain points. Companies should be looking for a true partner that has business acumen, and who will improve their business and add value.

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR activities?

An outsourced HR consultant can bring an objective opinion to the table, in addition to often being more cost effective than a full-time employee. Companies with specific HR requirements can outsource to consultants who specialize in those areas.

 How can Ayming help companies improve their HR performance?

Ayming is a global company with over 30 years of consulting experience and $435 million in HR savings obtained for our clients per year. We offer consulting and savings solutions that enable companies to engage in HR performance initiatives based on financial and human dimensions. Engaging your people while optimizing your HR costs plays a large role in our human resources offering. Ayming accompanies you at every stage to obtain a return on investment, whether you have a specific HR need or require complete HR outsourcing. 

Backed by 30 years of proven results, Ayming provides strategic and operational expertise, enabling businesses to improve their overall performance in the areas of finance and innovation, operations and human resources. Ayming’s focus is on accelerating business growth, anticipating future changes and opportunities and securing a business’s long-term position.


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