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Outback Team Building & Training specializes in creative employee activities that build trust, increase engagement

A happy employee is an engaged employee—but it doesn’t just happen. Employees need to feel valued and relevant. And when employees are engaged, productivity can increase as much as twofold.

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It needn’t be complicated. In fact, team-building events and activities can boost employee engagement by up to 40 percent. 

They need workplace friendships that make them feel as though they are relevant. And they need to feel they can trust their supervisors and managers — and team building can help.

Research shows that work friendships can improve employee engagement by up to 50 percent. This, along with effective communications and collaboration, are the building blocks for the entire team.

When performed properly, team-building exercises build trust, increase creativity and improve communications. Imagine an event where several workplace teams race against each other around roadblocks and detours while having to complete a variety of interactive tasks before racing toward the finish line in a sort-of Amazing Race for employees. An activity that requires employees to work together to solve a problem, to trust and rely on one another and their managers or supervisors to work toward a common goal can not only foster engagement, but develop bonds between employees and managers.

- "...Teams completed a variety of fun and engaging tasks to claim the prize medal and ultimate bragging rights. The game was an absolute success..." PlentyOfFish - 

Team building, networking events, icebreaker activities, charity drives — all of these can foster an incredible relationship between employer and employee. Further research shows that fully 87 percent of highly engaged employees would be less likely to leave their employment compared to those who are not engaged. And when employees do leave — the majority of them cite their bosses as the reason for leaving, not the job itself. 

Outback Team Building and Training specializes in events and activities that encourage team building. Sports and activities that take employees and managers out of the office and into a new environment can spark creativity, foster new dialogue and effective problem solving— while giving everyone a chance to get to know one another while relying on colleagues’ problem-solving skills.

Outback Team Building and Training comprises professionals who can help foster a new relationship among all employees—and create a new edge in the success of your business.

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