The Business of Good

The 1st Annual Business of Good Awards

Does your business go above and beyond? We want to hear from you

BCBusiness is on a mission to recognize the companies in our province that turn the principles of social responsibility into action.

For these organizations, a good relationship with employees, the community and the environment is embedded in their culture.

The brand-new Business of Good program is a chance to show off the steps your company is taking to make British Columbia a better place to live, work and play. Both private and public sector organizations are welcome to apply, provided they exist for a purpose beyond philanthropy. The winners, chosen by a panel of judges and our editorial team, will be featured in the March 2020 issue of BCBusiness.

Submissions End In

Competition Details

Entry fee is $75 per category

We've extended the entry deadline to November 22nd, 2019

Winners will be featured in the March issue of BCBusiness 2020.

2019 Categories

Community Involvement

How does your company embrace and contribute to the communities where it operates?

Environmental Sustainability

What is your business doing to conserve the environment and combat climate change? And how is it reducing its ecological footprint?


In what ways does your organization make a concerted effort to employ a team of diverse employees?

Indigenous Relations

What does your company do to involve Indigenous groups, whether it’s paying attention to their concerns or working with them to build an inclusive B.C.?

Workplace Wellness

What programs or plans have put in place to ensure wellness of employees?


Please let us know any other ways in which you believe your business should be recognized under the Business of Good banner.

How to Apply

The application is a two-part process:

1. Sign up here.

2. We’ll email you the entry form to fill out (it could take up to 15 minutes—grab a cup of tea). Complete the form and submit it. 


How effective and forward-thinking is the campaign or initiative in question?

Does it accurately cover the category for which it’s intended?

Does this social responsibility effort take a comprehensive approach to addressing major issues facing our province?

Is the company clearly committed to it from the top down?

Additional details

Applicants must make available someone from their company (or multiple people) to be interviewed in December and to attend the awards ceremony in February (actual date TBD).

Important note: If your company becomes a Business of Good finalist, we will use the information from your nomination form and an interview with someone in the organization to prepare a profile for potential publication in the March 2020 issue of BCBusiness. If you provide financial, personal and other details that you wish keep on background or off the record, it is your responsibility to let us know. BCBusiness makes every effort to ensure accuracy, but we do not share stories with sources before publication.