Our new awards aim to celebrate organizations throughout B.C. that turn the principles of social responsibility into action

Garth Taylor probably put it best. “I know all businesses think they have a unique culture, but I think we actually do,” said the president of North Vancouver–based environmental services firm Hatfield Consultants, winner of the Workplace Wellness category in our first annual Business of Good awards.

Taylor made that observation with a chuckle, but his sentiment rings true. B.C. has no shortage of companies striving to create a culture that works for their employees. At the same time, many organizations are doing other things to ensure that, for them, corporate social responsibility is more than an empty buzzword. Whether it’s building an inclusive workplace, getting involved in the community, reducing their environmental footprint or helping to foster prosperity and connection for Indigenous people, companies around the province are taking action.

That’s why we decided to launch an awards program to honour such efforts, and showcase a few examples for others to follow. Sifting through the submissions, we found a wealth of inspiring stories that prove it really is possible to give back while turning a profit.

Given the strength of the applications, winnowing them down was no easy task. With our panel of judges (below), we chose winners and finalists in five categories, plus a special citation. (During the selection process, judges recused themselves when any conflict arose due to personal or professional obligations.) We thank the judges for their time and expertise, and all of the organizations that helped make the competition a success by putting their names forward. Here’s hoping these awards are the first of many.