2021 Women of the Year Awards Winner – Rising Star – Diamond Isinger, provincial commissioner, B.C council, Girl Guides of Canada

Rising Stars: Winner
Diamond Isinger
Provincial commissioner, B.C. Council, Girl Guides of Canada

Diamond Isinger says the “linear path of ticking boxes isn’t really a thing anymore,” and just by looking at her career trajectory, it’s hard not to believe her. Case in point: Burnaby-raised Isinger is completing her master’s in public policy at SFU after spending a few years working on Canada-U.S. relations in the Office of the Prime Minister.

She’s also provincial commissioner for Girl Guides of Canada and has worked as an advocacy consultant for organizations like the BC Council of Forest Industries and the Trial Lawyers Association of BC. So even after spending time in the highest office in the country, it seems like she’s just getting started in her career journey.

Asked where she sees herself five or 10 years down the line, Isinger responds with another question. “Do I know what specific role or title I’ll have? No, not particularly. But I definitely think my role will continue to involve advocacy,” she says.

“It might sound a bit cheesy, but I do actually care about making a difference, like working with mission-oriented organizations and helping people achieve policy-related outcomes,” Isinger adds. “I’m not someone to get super jazzed up by selling a specific product or something like that. I’m into helping people achieve their objectives and engage with people, build their relationships.”

Although Isinger doesn’t take the bait when questioned about relations with the U.S. during Donald Trump’s tenure, she observes that “the jobs I’ve held so far in my career, I could not have anticipated in years prior where things would end up. I like to have a plan and goals, but I find the most exciting things I’ve had the chance to do have been the things that I seized where an opportunity came up.”