Addy founders Adrienne Uy, Michael Stephenson, Jeff Booth and Stephen Jagger
Credit: Addy Technology Corp.

Addy founders Adrienne Uy, Stephen Jagger, Jeff Booth and Michael Stephenson

The Vancouver startup wants to help you get in on the residential market for as little as $1

Who says you need big bucks to play the housing market? Formerly Imby, Vancouver-based Addy Technology Corp. aims to bring real estate investment to the masses, making it possible to get in on residential properties for as little as $1. Investors then reap profits through the sale of the home or from rental income. “What’s wrong with real estate is it hasn’t changed,” Michael Stephenson, who co-founded Addy with Jeff Booth, Stephen Jagger and Adrienne Uy, told BCBusiness in 2018. “Current real estate is established to be binary: either you’re all in or you’re all out.”