Jul 1, 2005
How to Hit Your Stride into to the Spotlight
Rod Filbrandt

You can’t dodge it – don’t even try. Everyone, at some point in his or her career, will be asked to step up to the mic. Here's how to hit your stride into the spotlight.

Apr 1, 2005
Restaurant Reviewing: In Flagrante Delicto
Mark Laba

In a luxury suite in a downtown Vancouver hotel, a guest sits in a bathrobe enjoying a manicure: one hand resting to let the polish dry while the other is being worked on, the nails cut, cuticled and coddled. A...

Jul 1, 2004
The Myth of the Female Executive
Lori Bamber

When Doreen McKenzie-Sanders began publishing Western University’s Women in Management newsletter in the 1970s she was concerned they’d have nothing to write about after the first few editions. She laughs at that now: “We thought gender issues in the workplace...

Jul 1, 2004
Agesim: Over the Hill
David Leidl

More and more older Canadians are contending for jobs in a youth-oriented society that, ironically, we greying boomers created. For the most part these older hands control the levers and feel secure, ensconced in seemingly rock-solid jobs. But what if luckless you finds yourself over the hill in your late 40s, early 50s or worse, dusty CV in hand, looking for a new anchorage in the face of ageism?

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