Chad Kroeger, 604 Records, Nickelback | BCBusiness

Chad Kroeger, 604 Records, Nickelback | BCBusiness

From the 2013 Influencer Index: The frontman for the band we all love to hate has the musical midas touch

For a band whose music few admit to liking, Nickelback sure has done well (more than 50 million records sold), and by most counts credit goes to frontman Chad Kroeger. A workaholic control freak, Kroeger’s known for taking on formulaic ventures, which in 2011 reportedly earned him $9.7 million.

Recognizing that record deals make millionaires of record-company executives—not musicians—the 38-year-old increased the band’s take-home through clever licensing and merchandising agreements and shrewd product-placement negotiations. In 2008, Nickelback also signed a global recording, touring and merchandising deal with concert and ticket sales company Live Nation said to be worth as much as $70 million.

A prolific songwriter and producer, Kroeger also works with the biggest names in music, from Carlos Santana and Timbaland to Travis Tritt. And yep, Kroeger gets royalties from all the songs he helps to pen and produce—even if he doesn’t accompany the artist. In 2002 he founded 604 Records in Vancouver. Pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen is on the label and every time “Call Me Maybe” gets played, as the record-label owner Kroeger sees a share of the profits.

His touch is a catalyst for success, whether with instruments or in business. Though for Kroeger—pronounced “Crew-ger,” for the record—they’re clearly one and the same.