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KPMG Puts Passion into Action Through United Way

The staff at KPMG kick off another year of fundraising and giving back to its local communities

In order for any business to thrive, you need people who are willing to put their passion into action. At KPMG, this philosophy is integral to its core business. But it is also at the heart of its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through its support of United Way, the people at KPMG aren’t just giving—they’re taking tangible action to make the community outside its doors stronger, more vibrant places to live.

“We strongly believe in the power of business and our people to drive social change,” says Jonathan Kallner, Regional Managing Partner of KPMG in the Greater Vancouver Area. “KPMG is dedicated to making a difference in the community. That’s why we are long-time supporters of United Way of the Lower Mainland. United Way’s important mission of strengthening the community’s capacity to address social issues mirrors our social responsibility mandate. It’s something people at all levels of every organization should be a part of.”

With the support of generous donors like KPMG, United Way of the Lower Mainland is working to move families from poverty to possibility, to help kids be all that they can be and to build stronger communities for seniors. Working with more than 150 community partners, United Way funds about 450 programs each year to create a better future for children, families and seniors.

Having raised an impressive total of $1.7 million over the past five years, KPMG is one of United Way of the Lower Mainland’s Top contributors. Because of KPMG, United Way is able to invest in: early learning, skilled parenting and caring services so that children and families living in poverty are strengthened; after-school programs that provide safe places for kids to go to participate in activities, find great role models and grow their confidence; and services that help isolated seniors engage with their community and live in their homes surrounded by friends, family and neighbours.

The employee workplace campaign is one of the key annual activities that engage KPMG staff. Staff from all levels of the organization give to United Way.

“The United Way fundraising campaign has proven to be a very effective and creative vehicle to raise money for people who need it,” says John Desjardins, Partner and United Way Campaign Chair at KPMG, “But it’s more than that. It raises our staff’s engagement in influencing positive social change. When they are engaged, they get excited. And when they are excited, they are empowered to make a difference.”

The organization’s annual employee workplace campaign launched on October 17, 2014.  

KPMG employees will also soon be gearing up to participate in United Way’s Day of Caring, which gives donors the chance to experience first-hand the impact their donation makes locally. Every year, KPMG staff volunteer their time and energy to work on hands-on projects at United Way-supported agencies, like helping with gardening programs that provide food and nutrition information to vulnerable populations. “Our partnership with United Way benefits everyone,” says Desjardins. “KPMG employees and their families benefit from their participation in the campaign, and their involvement with the United Way beneficiaries and local not-for-profit organizations benefit from the funds that are raised and the time spent with KPMG employees.”