Local love takes a village

BCBusiness + United Way


BCBusiness + United Way

Credit: United Way

Together we’re creating healthy, caring and inclusive communities

The business world is changing. Bottom lines still matter, but the focus has shifted towards community with social purpose and giving back becoming part of the corporate value system. Leaders understand that giving back gives teams purpose and purpose is foundational to sustained success.

High level thought leaders have been discussing the importance of community-centric business models for some time and B Corp certification is on the rise as savvy consumers become more attuned to the values of the companies they support. In short, organizations that showcase a spirit of generosity and social purpose are more likely to garner support and loyal customers.

The United Way of the Lower Mainland occupies a unique position as a business innovator in the philanthropy sphere. For almost 90 years, United Way has been embedded in communities with evidence based initiatives while stewarding donations from generous and forward thinking business and community leaders. United Way is an established leader in the giving space with a forward thinking philosophy.

For Bob Wiens, recipient of the 2019 Joseph and Rosalie Segal United Way Community Vision Award, community contributions are not only necessary to overall well-being, but a shrewd business choice.

“I’ve always been a big believer that community involvement is what a professional organization should hold as part of its mandate,” he says. For the long time United Way board member and passionate business visionary, being of service and contributing time and money to local causes is a way of life.

The United Way understands the importance of steady leadership that also incorporates social trends. In a recent study it commissioned, British Columbians report that giving to charity is 10 percent more meaningful as part of a group, like the almost 500 United Way fundraising campaigns that run in workplaces every year across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

United Way COO Jeff Calbick says businesses that are in tune to their customers can track tangible impact with local causes they care about by connecting with the United Way.

“More than ever, businesses are showcasing their values to informed consumers and creating purpose for their teams. By supporting the United Way, you are working with us to create lasting change in local communities.”

As the holidays approach, savvy business leaders are looking to organizations that will amplify their gifts through solid programming. The United Way offers experience, expertise, and the vision to create meaningful change in the communities we call home. It’s called local love.


Created by BCBusiness in partnership with United Way