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A Happier, Healthier, More Creative You

BCBusiness +ThroughConversation As a highly accomplished individual, you aren't the type to rest on your laurels. Even when you reach new heights, there's always another star to shoot for. You strive for success in everything you do. But are you able to really enjoy the fruits of your labour? "What we often...


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Through Conversation provides an optimum tuneup for elite professionals

As a highly accomplished individual, you aren’t the type to rest on your laurels. Even when you reach new heights, there’s always another star to shoot for. You strive for success in everything you do.

But are you able to really enjoy the fruits of your labour?

“What we often find with high achievers is that, when playing at a very high level, they have a lot of pressures, and their mind is constantly problem-solving, constantly going,” says Jean-Paul Gravel, founder or ThroughConversation Personal Development Inc., an elite performance training company. “So the mind gets wrapped up in myriad internal conversations. And like a computer that’s been overloaded, over time, the mind can start operating at suboptimal levels.”

The demands of a high-pressure lifestyle may result in persistent negative thought patterns that can manifest in multiple ways: you may feel as if your mind is always racing, that you can’t relax, that life is constantly go-go-go. You may be outwardly successful but feel unfulfilled on a deeper level.

Even the most distinguished executives might crave things like greater mental clarity, more meaningful personal connections, stronger decision-making skills, an improved ability to communicate, and the chance to slow down and enjoy life without any guilt. Perhaps there’s also a desire to be a more inspirational leader.

Gravel created ThroughConversation Personal Development Inc. to help high-functioning professionals achieve more fulfilment and meaning in their lives.

The company provides an exclusive training program for those who know they want to create better life and business opportunities for themselves and their families.

ThroughConversation is just that: through conversation, it helps people absolve their limiting beliefs and see every facet of their life improve.

It’s not about delving into your past but rather a one-on-one experience to improve your performance, relationships, and mindset inside and outside of the C-suite. ThroughConversation is something that can help your mind be sharper while enhancing every single aspect of your life at the same time.

Its methodology has been practised and proven over the last 15 years and has an impeccable track record.

Through a total of 10 sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes each—with results typically experienced within one to two sessions—the program helps people become more effective at everything they do.

“Essentially, what I do is delete some of the corrupt files within your mind, and then your mind starts working much more effectively, similar to what would happen with a real computer,” Gravel says. “When we delete the unnecessary and unhelpful subconscious conversations that are flooding your head in the background, you can be more focused and concentrate better.

“Your mental capacity expands,” he adds. “With mental clarity, you’re better able to make decisions and generate better results with less effort.”

ThroughConversation is the only personal-development company with more than five hours of video testimonials from medical doctors, top CEOs, and other accomplished individuals. (These, along with other information, are available at

As the company’s previous clients can attest, it does much more than help people take their professional success to ever-greater levels.

“The program has you appreciate your life a lot more,” Gravel says. “You feel more fulfilled and more satisfied.

“It’s like uncovering a version 2.0 of yourself; you’re better, happier, more effective, and more creative,” he says. “You’ll love life so much more.”

ThroughConversation offers one-on-one personal development programs to those who want to improve emotional health, relationships and business performance. Visit for more information or to watch clients’ video testimonials.

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with ThroughConversation