BCBusiness Wins CSME Award for Best Online Editorial of 2011

BCBusiness gets the Editors' Choice Award for Best Online Editorial of 2011, presented by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors.

BCBusiness Wins CSME Best Web Editorial of 2011
The CSME award hangs proudly near a window in the BCBusiness offices. For more winners, visit the 2011 CSME Editors’ Choice Awards.

BCBusiness gets the Editors’ Choice Award for Best Online Editorial of 2011, presented by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors.

The BCBusiness team has brought home an important national acknowledgement of its digital work: the Canadian Association of Magazine Publishers Award for Best Web Editorial of 2011. CSME hosts its annual Editors’ Choice Awards gala during the Magazines Canada conference MagNet in Toronto.

The award recognizes a Canadian website whose editorial stewardship across media platforms is superb. From a clutch of worthy nominees, BCBusiness was singled out for the intelligence of its curation of print articles, blogs and social media channels, audio and video.

Digital editor John Bucher oversees BCBusiness’ online efforts. He was in Toronto in June to accept the award. “Digital is a recipe cooked in the dark,” he said. “But I’m gratified that the judges think we’re on the right track.” He added, “None of this happens without the crucial work of our design, development, and project team.”

BCBusiness is western Canada’s most widely read business title, and the CSME plaudit is an affimation of parent Canada Wide Media’s investment in the title’s online arm. “We’ve been in digital five years now,” said president Karen Foss. “This award acknowledges our digital strategy and our talented team, in particular John Bucher, whose deft curation has made BCBusiness one of Canada’s premier business sites.”

In June 2011, BCBusiness went live with its third digital iteration, expanding the title’s reach, usability, and influence. The site’s cornerstone is an architecture designed to boost visibility and coherence of content, ease of navigation, and integration of social media. BCBusiness 3.0 – grounded in digital director Shannon Emmerson’s brand strategy of “being in all spaces” – is a step toward the integrated journalism of the future. “No longer is online the fledgling cousin of print,” said Emmerson. “It’s arrived.”

Since 2009, BCBusiness has attracted wide praise for the quality of its editorial, both online and in print, receiving some 30 nominations for National Magazine Awards, Western Magazine Awards, and Canadian Online Publishing Awards.