Bike Gear for the Commute

It may seem crazy, given how people drive in cities, but you’re determined to bike to work. Don’t look like a dork doing it.

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It may seem crazy, given how people drive in cities, but you’re determined to bike to work. Don’t look like a dork doing it

The intimidating image of athletes in spandex and cleats racing 10-speeds up Italian mountain passes—not unlike what you also see on the Sea to Sky Highway—is not doing bike-curious Canadians any favours. The good news is that you don’t actually need special clothing, on-board computers or performance-enhancing drugs to enjoy cycling as an urban transportation option. The only essentials are a reliable bike and the will to use it. Just the same, transportation has always been a complex issue rooted in vanity as much as utility. So if turning heads on your morning commute is as important as the ride itself, here’s a list of bikes and gear to help get you to your destination in style.

BIKE: All-City Space Horse
The versatile frame of the Space Horse from Minneapolis bike maker All-City Cycles is tuned for performance, but will accommodate racks, fenders and wider tires. It’s equally suited for trips to the office and cross-country trekking ($1,550;

LOCK: Abus Folding Lock 6000/90
The Kryptonite Evolution series of U-locks remains the security standard, but Abus folding locks from Germany are gaining popularity for their ability to tuck away when not in use ($135;

HELMET: Sahn Classic
Tired of violation tickets? Try this equestrian-styled lid from a local maker ($129;

LIGHTS: MEC Plasma USB White LED Front Light, MEC Plasma USB Red LED Rear Light
The genius MEC Plasma one-piece design makes mounting a snap and the USB-charging feature means you can recharge at the office ($9.75;

BELL: Crane Suzu
This Japanese bell is a friendlier option than yelling. Its brass striker delivers a long deep ring tone that’s loud and clear even in wet weather (from $22;

FENDERS: Velo Orange Hammered
Fenders are the way to navigate puddles without getting splashed— assuming they fit the wheel size. Velo Orange makes beautiful hammered aluminum models shaped after classic French designs ($80;

SADDLE: Brooks B17
The Brooks B17 first appeared in the company’s catalogue in 1898 and remains its flagship saddle. No springs, no padding, just high-quality leather that will form to your butt like a hammock (from $133;

FRONT RACK: Soma Porteur
This rack is a classy bit of stainless steel for transporting a backpack, briefcase or groceries. You can also bolt a little fence around it to create a basket ($160; fence $40;

GLOVES: DeFeet Wool Dura Gloves
You’ll find tons of crazy designs in the colourful world of cycling gloves, but ultimately they just need to cut through wind. These unisex DeFeet ones have a nylon shell for durability and a wool lining to keep hands warm and dry ($19;