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Designed With the Client in Mind

Award-winning Ankenman Marchand Architects has worked on some of the most challenging construction projects in Canada—from heritage restorations, large-scale resorts, floating homes and more—with some of the top construction companies in the country.

One company that stands out from the crowd is FairTradeWorks. Timothy Ankenman, principal at Ankenman Marchand Architects, says the company is “one of the most incredibly organized firms I have ever worked with.”

In essence, what makes FairTradeWorks so unique in the construction industry is that it acts as the hub for everyone involved on a construction project. As an independent third party, the company is the facilitator and manager for both the client and the trades and contractors. The benefit of this structure for clients is that FairTradeWorks provides true market value and ensures quality workmanship is produced on time and on budget.

“Jim Perkins (its founder and president) is extremely well-respected because FairTradeWorks is transparent in absolutely every aspect of a design-build,” says Ankenman. “They never present a client with a problem, only a solution.”

Ankenman has worked on half a dozen projects with FairTradeWorks, including a large expansion on a Vancouver heritage home and an 80-acre mixed-use long-term project in Ontario that includes a resort, hotel and marina. Ankenman explains that Perkins has a clear understanding of site complexities and can put together a timeline and budget that is “impeccable and crystal clear, resulting in no surprises for clients down the road.”

And when clients are aware of everything that is going on with a project, and don’t have to worry about being kept in the dark, you can’t help but be impressed. “Every client I’ve worked with has been so impressed with FairTradeWorks because they know that they work for them,” he says. “Its innovative and sophisticated system ensures a seamless process.”

As the country’s only third-party construction service, FairTradeWorks addresses the most pressing issues plaguing the industry today: inefficiency, competition on price alone, costly overruns, work delays and holds, as well as substandard trade work.

Realizing that many things can and do go wrong with a new build or renovation, FairTradeWorks basically broke down the process and redesigned it with the client in mind. Its goal is to make renovations and new home builds effortless and more efficient.

As a watchdog, FairTradeWorks’ pioneering support systems affords consumers peace of mind, convenience, transparency and trust.

According to Ankenman, its approach is working extremely well. “We really enjoy working with them and look forward to working with FairTradeWorks throughout the years,” he adds.

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