Great Ideas Can Come from Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

All the ideas don’t have to be yours. Be a sponge.

I believe that a smart marketer should always be looking for as much advice and input as they can find before they make decisions.

I’ve had relationships with photographers who have impacted print ad layouts for the better. We’ve worked with voice-over talent for radio commercials who’ve suggested much better ways to word a script. We’ve had receptionists at client companies come up with fantastic headlines. We grill our print company sales reps for ideas on how to design brochures in more cost effective ways. We all need to welcome input and advice from anyone with the credibility to offer interesting points-of-view.

Given the choice between two suppliers; both of whom are great at what they do but one of which also has smart ideas about the bigger picture, I’ll go for the big picture thinker every time. No one has a monopoly on great ideas, and despite your role in the hierarchy of business, why wouldn’t you embrace outside opinions and input?

Be a sponge. Accept advice and input from all comers. The guy who washes your store windows might have a killer thought about window merchandising. The company that shreds your documents might know a thing or two about storage systems. Bring it on, I say. All the ideas don’t need to be yours. I’ll listen to any smart and thoughtful input that people care to give. The decision regarding how to proceed is still mine, but before I make the call I’d rather be exposed to more ideas, rather than less.